Quiet. It Does A Body Good.

The kids are down for naps.  It is 10:00 in the morning.  This is monemental.

I have been cleaning all morning and now, well, I am sitting, drinking my delicious green smoothie and munching on a piece of whole wheat toast.
I feel healthy.  I feel wonderful.

The sky is overcast and the wind is flirting with me.  


After so much turmoil the past few weeks, this moment of peace is delicious.

I can feel energy seeping back into my soul.  I can feel a whisper of hope again.

Finally, a moment to just relax!

Sure, there are dishes to be washed.

A pile of laundry is nagging at me again.

The bathroom could use a good scrub down.

But my soul and peace of mind is much more important than any of those, so I am strategically ignoring all other claims for my attention and just soaking the quiet in.

Who knew quiet could be so illusive and seductive?

And fleeting?!

Keith just woke up.  Sigh.  At least I had a few minutes to myself.

It was good for me.


Susan Anderson said…
Every little moment of peace helps! And from what I'm hearing, so do those green smoothies. A few of my friends are having amazing results from them.

I'm going to start making my own!

Unknown said…
I could totally use some quiet right now. These kids are driving me crazy at the moment.
Familia Morales said…
Enjoy those moments! They are few and far between. Ahh, I was starting to feel peaceful just reading your post.
Emmy said…
Yes, I always say nap time is me time- I don't do any cleaning then :)
Terra said…
And it was fun to read about too!
Jenny said…
Green smoothie? Delicious? Okay, I need your recipe for one instead of mine!

I'm glad you had a few minutes to yourself. What a precious gift.
Cheeseboy said…
The wind never flirts with me. I think it's my scent.

Kids never nap at 10:00. You did the right thing.
Trish said…
I can only imagine how things change when you have more than one kiddo. My sis has 3 now and whenever I call, its like her kids want her attention extra badly! Ahh! Well, she is about to have her 4th this September so I think I'll have to do something crazy to have sis on sis bonding chat time anymore.
Savor it while it lasts, heh!?
Lourie said…
Thanks for sharing. I felt like I was there with you. :)
Em said…
Brennan surprised me with a nap today:) trying to decide how long to let him sleep!
Erin said…
As moms, we don't get nearly enough time to ourselves. I relish the quiet when I actually have some.

Great post!

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