Pocky Wocky the Turtle

Keith is a boy of many talents.  He draws pictures, reads a few words, makes amazing lego structures, and just recently began writing stories.  Which is great, because I can add scribe to my resume. 

This is the story of Pocky Wocky the Turtle.  Told by Keith.  Exactly as it came out of his mouth.  Er, mostly.  I didn't do a very good job getting the exact sound effects.  And his actions didn't get added, either. 

So, set aside those big dusty tomes for Summer reading.  This will be the next New York Best Seller.


Once upon a time, there was a turtle named Pocky Woky who was thrown off the river.  And something just flyed in the air and picked the turtle up and wrapped a rope or something around it.  And the good guys came down and put the other guys in jail.  And they put in a key and locked it.  And shut the bad guys.  And they squished the bad guys at the jail door “Eeeee” kaboom!  And the bad guy fell down.  And five bad guys come and five bad guys and five good guys come.  And now they fight all the bad guys “hi-ya, hiya” and all the bad guys were dead.  And then the airplane ninja went Squiiiiissshhh in the ship and they were punched by the power rangers.  Pocky Wocky disappeared into the jail and then the power rangers locked him in jail.  And then the turtle said “let me out, let me out, I am just a turtle!” and then the power rangers let the turtle out and he put his legs in together and his feet in his shell and his head in his shell.  And then the good guys came and led the turtle into the place and they walked and some boy did something nice while he was on the airplane, and me and daddy were on the airplane, and we were being so nice, and I held the turtle and we walked to the captain, and we put him on the ground and he walked to the captain.  And we were on the airplane.  And then Pocky Wocky walked back to us.  And then we just picked him up and there were five turtles in the airplane and the airplane exploded, and we had air chutes to fall down, and the captain had a flying chair, and it was a cool chair and it had punching things in it, and it punched the ninjas and power rangers, and the punching things can’t punch the turtle off, and the turtle had a shooter thing and one of the white things that had white straps on it, like a parachute. 

The game that you start with, the story that the groundhog got in the water and the turtle bitted the groundhog, and it went Eee, Eee, Eee and then it climbed up there, and then it punched the groundhog in the air and it went Eeeee, and fell in its hole.  And the groundhog climbed up and went Grrr.  And the punching machine went Eeer, and the ground hog went Oooh, and wiggled its tail and its head and its feet and its arms.  And now the groundhog's bones were broken, and it couldn’t move because its bones were tooken apart, and the turtle cooked it, and we ate it.  And Keith, and grandma, and Erin and Claire, and Keith ate it together.
Keith was playing his game while eating the chicken.  And the groundhog.  And then I was finished and then I just ate it, and then you have to cut the tail off.  And I just cutted the tail off, and it went SSsshhhh.
And then we had to buy a shark airplane that had wheels and lightening, and can fly very fast and it had polka dots and blue all over it.  And on its tail and on its wings and all over it, and on the thing that goes up.
I was the captain on the ship, and you picked up the turtle and said “what the heck?  Why does the turtle have a head and a shell?  Maybe I can be like this.”   And I said “I don’t want to be like this.”  And so I took off the head from me, and I took off the shell from me, and I said “I don’t want to be a turtle because I am a boy.”

P.S. Thus far there have been no participants for Time Out Tuesday.  Should I do it just once a month?  Would that be easier?  Tomorrow is the deadline.


Susan Anderson said…
Sheesh! That kid has an imagination!!


PS. I find that It's kinda hard for me to come up with material for this one, since all of my time is sort of Time Out now that my kids are gone and my husband works non-stop at career/church.
Crystal Collier said…
Hee hee. I would love to see a video of him telling this story. Cute, cute!
Emmy said…
What a story! I love when kids start making up stories.

And pretty said that no one takes time for themselves :( And yes, once a month might be better.
I am thinking of moving the PMM to once a month as we hardly get anyone linking up.
Myya said…
Oh my goodness that is fun kid imagination at its finest! How awesome that you thought to jot it all down, major mommy points right there!!
Familia Morales said…
That has "100% boy" written all over it! So cute!

Wish I could have time-outs every week (does the 2 hours at church when the kids are in primary count as a time-out?) Monthly sounds more do-able.
Terra said…
what a great story! I loved writing the stories the girls told! Now they can write them themselves...I think I love that even more!

Time Out Tuesday...I wish I could scratch out the staying power to participate but life is getting in the way of just about everything!! I am barely keeping fresh content on the blog let alone participating in "weeklys" it bums me out...but it is what it is.
Shannon said…
You have a little story teller/young author in the family! He's one talented and imaginative little boy!
Macey said…
Yeah, we need a video of that cuteness!
Lourie said…
I love that story! hahahaha! It's got a lot of action for sure.
::giggle:: He is so adorable! He will be quite the story teller just like his mom.

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