Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Miracle That Hurt My Feet

Today I cried again.

Everything happened in a whilrwind, and my feet hurt.

This morning I got a call from a friend about a night job.  I talked to Jeffrey about it, and he said I could do what I wanted with it.  If I wanted it, he would help with the kids.  If I didn't, he wouldn't care. 

I called on the job, and the employer told me I had the position, could I start today, and oh yeah, could I go in for an interview around 2:00?

I grinned at the backward way of doing things, but was grateful.

I have to be honest.  I was so overcome with amazement.  The Lord knows me so well.  Last night I was in fits of sobs, crying into Jeffrey's chest over my ring and many other things.  I was tired.  Tired of everything being so hard for so long.  I just wanted to give up.

This morning everything changed.  I have a job that doesn't interfere much with the children.

It is a job that will help me with some of my goals, and one of my favorite types of work.  I am a custodian.  I get to move around, clean, be alone or with people, as I choose.  I can have my music going, think, or just enjoy the quiet that I have missed since my children joined our family.  As I move around, I will be able to reach some of my weight loss goals, because I really stink at making time for exercise.  Now I have it already built into my schedule.  It is exactly what I needed.  And one of my best friends gets to work with me. 

From hopelessness and despair last night to such a peace today.  I am amazed at how suddenly and quickly my needs were met.  So soon after just wanting to give up.

That right there is proof that God is aware of us and our needs and desires, and I am so truly humbled from being a recipient of His goodness.  I admit.  I cried again.  But this time out of gratitude.

Just learning that on another lever made today made me much happier than I ever thought I could be today.  I need to get down on my knees and thank Him again and again and again.  Besides, my feet hurt.


Tisha said...

What a blessing! I have a great list of audiobooks I listened to when I cleaned houses. A good audiobook makes the time fly by!

Susan Anderson said...

Why do your feet hurt? What's going on with them?


PS. This job sounds perfect for you. Much as I loved my kids, I remember how good it sometimes was just to get away on my own for a while, even if it was to work!

Unknown said...

I love how Heavenly Father works. We are witnessing something like that with us right now. Everything is just falling into place, and hopefully good things will be happening soon.

So happy for you and that you have found peace! Isn't it a great feeling?!?!

Chantel said...

I can help you with that foot pain if you need it, lol. I struggled with working a little bit because I felt I was neglecting the kids but when that wore off, I realized that the ten hours or less a week that I am gone really does help me be a better mom. I look forward to that time when I can be productive and feel like an adult. Even though my student loans are almost paid off (next year hopefully) I think I'll keep working just that little bit to keep my sanity!!

CB said...

I could not be happier for you!!
It brings back memories for me of things I did to earn money when kids were little and we needed extra money.
I was a Tupperware lady, a telemarketer, and did daycare for many years. I was always grateful that these jobs still allowed me to be home with my children.
This sounds like a perfect situation for you.
Heavenly Father is indeed mindful of our needs and I think is extra tender towards mothers - he wants us to be the best we can be!!

CB said...

OH MY I just read your post below about the loss of your ring. sad.

I don't know what to say except sorry.

Lourie said...

I have to go read the ring post...I have a feeling cyber hugs are in order. This however, is fabulous. Yes, the Lord knows us and our needs. The key is trusting in Him.

Lisa said...

What an amazing blessing. Good luck in your new endeavor! Sounds like a much needed opportunity!

Emmy said...

I hope you continue to enjoy your new job and it works out good for you. I am glad people enjoy custodial work as things would be disgusting without them :) After scrubbing a tub for over an hour today-well I do not like it

Em said...

Good for you girl!!!