Monday, June 6, 2011

Love and Hate

I have decided Windows is evil.

I was hesitant about getting Windows7 for a very long time.  Finally, my computer died, and Jeffrey got me a new one for his sanity and Mother's Day.  It was terribly sweet of him.  I fell in love with the sparkely red cover almost instantly and after much deliberation, I named her Idris.  Beautiful name, if you ask me.  She takes me to explore all the edges of cyberspace, and everything in between, so it suits her perfectly. 

I was excited that Windows 7 had a similar image editor like Vista had.  I used it often, touching up my photos and getting rid of red eye, etc.  It was one of my favorite features on my computer. 

Last night I excitedly transferred pictures of the kiddos to the computer, and went to the editor program.

Absolute heartbreak!

The little "Fix" button was gone.  I of course immediately cried to my hot IT guy, and he tried to fix it.  Evidently that happened to a lot of people.  One day it was there, and the next it was gone.  Anyone else know about this little magic act?  I am not amused.  Windows 7, you stink!

Because I can't think of a good way to tie into this next part, just pretend there is a clever transition here, okay?

Friday afternoon Faye was asleep.  It was around her waking up time, and Keith was extra tired. 
we were snuggling on the couch, talking and looking out the window. 

He laid his head on my shoulder and visibly relaxed.  I was surprised, thinking he might fall asleep then and there.  He hadn't done anything like that since he was a baby.

Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around my neck, quickly pulled my head down where his mouth was touching my ear, and whispered  "Mom, can we be in love?"

A smile broke out on my face, and I gave him an extra tight squeeze.  What a sweet boy.

"Yes, Keith.  Always."  I responded with a kiss.

After a few more minutes of quietly snuggling and hugging, he again said "Mom, when I get big can you marry me?"

"No sweetheart, I am already married to Daddy."

"But after that?  Then can you marry me?" he persisted.

"But Keith, there is no after that.  I will be married to your Daddy forever."

His face fell.  He looked at the ground for a moment, and then a bright look came into his eyes.

"Okay then," he said "I will marry Faye."

I then (again) explained to him that he can't marry Faye because she is his sister.  When he gets older he will fall in love with the girl I choose for him and he can marry her.  He thought that was a great idea.  I'll see if that flies in twenty years.

The simple pleasures of being a mother. 

Moments like that make it worth it.  Over and over and over. 
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