Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life Lessons

The world keeps spinning.

Life goes on.

These are two thoughts that I have been marveling over the past few days.

No matter what tragedy hits, what pains one endures, life does not stop.  Even though you sometimes wish it would.

Just for a second.

Just so you can soak it all in.




But the earth will revolve around the sun.  Day will bleed into night.  Diapers still need to be changed, mouths fed, and life demands to be lived.

On February 2nd, my beautiful sister in law gave birth to an adorable little boy.  He was so precious and sweet and we all fell in love with him instantly.  They named him Max.

After a few days, it was discovered Max had Ogden Syndrome.  It is an extremely rare (so rare that only two families in the world are known to have it) genetic condition.  I think it is caused by a lack of a protein.  I am not sure.  But Ogden Syndrome only occurs in male babies, and they never live past 18 months.  Most of them don't even live past 9 months.

We cherished every second with little Max.  My family didn't get to see him until he was 2-3 months old because someone was always sick.  But the second I held him, I understood how special and sweet and perfect he was.

Watching him fight for his life hurt us all.  He was such a brave and valiant little boy, fighting for the chance to live.  He triumphed over many odds.

On Sunday, Father's Day, my little nephew quit this mortal life.  He decided to go back to his Father in Heaven.

We all knew it was coming.  We knew he wouldn't be with us long.  But my heart broke for my brother in law and my sister in law.  To lose their son on Father's Day just didn't seem right.

I admit, I prayed frantically, desperately that little Max would hold on for just one more day.  Just so Father's Day wouldn't always hold the painful memory of losing their son.  I tried bargaining with God.  It didn't work.

Thinking back on it now, I see how nice it must be for little Max.  He got to go Home to see his Heavenly Father on Father's Day.  In that light, it is a little sweet.  Appropriate, even.

It isn't the end.  At least we have that knowledge.  Max was sealed to his parents and sister for all of Time and Eternity.  It is good to know that he will still be a part of the family in the next life.  So good to know that.

And amazingly enough, life has continued.  The birds are singing, the children demanding to play in the sprinklers, to eat popsicles, and enjoy life.

That is a hard lesson we all must learn.

To continue enjoying life despite the difficulties of life, or death.
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