Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Knock Knock. Whose There? Summer!

Keith and Faye's cousins are staying over for a few days.  It has been a chaotic noisy house of delight for the kids.  Three cousins, lots of grandma activities, and tons of treats.  What could be better?

This afternoon I was down in our room, talking to my mother.  We were plotting to set Jeffrey's and my best friend Shem up.  Arguing over which girl would be best for him.

Because that is what we, as married women, do to our single friends.  It just happens.

A beep interrupted my diabolical plots, and with a sigh I answered it.  I had to.  It was Jeffrey.

"You are needed upstairs."  He said.

That's right, we use our phones as an intercom system.  Don't you?

I sighed, hung up with my mother and prepared myself for the sound barrier defying noise.  I got up the stairs and found silence.


I noticed that the front door was open.

I peeked out, and all my previous thoughts and schemes were gone into oblivion.

How you can you think about playing Yente when there is Summer, hatching on your own front lawn?

The squeals and screams were not loud, they were just what they should be when little people are playing in the water for the first time of the Summer.
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