Keith Spoke The Truth

"Today is not a good day."

Keith sighed and squirmed around a bit.  We were washing his hands in the bathroom at the park.

Ten minutes earlier Faye had been going up and down and up and down the slide.  Over and over again.  Keith ran up to me doing the potty dance.

"Mommy, I have to go potty.  NOW."

I left Faye with my friend, grabbed Keith's hand, and we made a mad dash for the bathrooms.

We got there, and I figured we were in the all clear.

I was sorely mistaken.

I had quite a mess to clean up.  It was very gross.  Very.

Our park visit was cut short.

Earlier that day, Faye had been having serious tantrums.

I was exhausted before the visit to the park.  Afterwards it took all the strength I could muster to get the little darlings into bed.

I decided I needed to get out.  For a little me time.  I drove to the library, dropped off my books, and looked for a book I have been interested in for a while.  The Four Noble Truths by Geshe Tashi Tsering.  While browsing the books, coming so close to finding it, I got a phone call.

Family crisis.

Keith was right.  Today was indeed a bad day.

I have high hopes that tomorrow will be better.

No Time Out for me.  How about you? Sign up below.


Lisa said…
Oh sad! Poor girl! I'm so sorry you had such a bad day.
Terra said…
hang in has a funny way of kicking us in the rump from time to time...and sometimes again
Susan Anderson said…
Oh, dear. And it sounds like you could use a time out! Right now!!

Poor little guy! I agree with Sue, everyone needs a time out it sounds like.

Yesterday was a day like that for me. I'm currently fighting the state museum curator for not being ADA sensitive, dealing with Rachel's CP, our schedule is just a mess, etc. I wanted to go hide!
Lourie said…
Oh man! You needed a hug! You may still need one! What a day? Did I do anything for myself yesterday? Why yes I did! I went to ZUMBA! yay me!
Shannon said…
A family crisis? I hope everything is o.k.! Are you willing to share? Tomorrow will be better for you :)
Erin said…
It is so hard when kids are still figuring out the whole potty training thing and then they wait too long before telling you. I'm sorry. I hope today is better.
Em said…
Yuck. I fear that fate will be mine all too soon.
Myya said…
Oh My goodness what a day! I soooo hope your tomorrow is much much better! :)
Emmy said…
Sorry :( I hate days like that

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