See this girl?  She's mighty cute, isn't she? 

She is my niece. 

She just turned 8.

That means, we are going on a trip to be there for her baptism. 

I am so proud of her.

I am so excited to see her and her sister and parents.

They live so far away, we rarely see them as it is. 

A seven hour car ride.  So not fun.

And they are moving clear across the country at the end of the month.  Sad for me.

So visiting them this weekend is a must!

I am very excited.  Gathering car games and activities for the drive.  Treats, drinks, and many many books.

Keith is staying home with his dad.  I am sad to be leaving the boys, but it will be fun to get out with just the girl.  Serious bonding time.  And when I get home, I will be doing a bit of spoiling for the boy. 

I really wish my siblings didn't live all over the country.  Sheesh!


Yeah, you get to have a little trip! She is beautiful! Have a wonderful time!!!
PS: Check your email... I'm rebooking my trip!!!!!
Susan Anderson said…
Have a safe trip, Amy. And a fun one!

Gina said…
:( Our trip fell through. Give plenty of hugs and kisses for me!
Unknown said…
Where are you going? Have fun! I loved going to our niece's baptism last month. It was great to see family, and see my brother-in-law get all teary eyed. LOL! Be safe!! And have fun!!
Shannon said…
Have a safe and fun road trip with your little girl!! I want to hear all about it (with pictures! ;) when you get back :)
Lourie said…
BE safe! Enjoy your time with family. It's hard being so far apart.
Lisa said…
Have fun! Enjoy your little girl time! :)
I love road trips to see family! It's always so hard to come back home isn't it?

Good luck! Safe travels!
Emmy said…
I hope you had a great weekend- definitely a special event.
I have siblings in Oregon, California, Utah, and Illinois.. so I understand that one.

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