What Happened When The Gingerbread Man Stopped For An Empathy Filled Conversation


Done and done.  We are moved out and moved in and are now sick of moving. 

Now comes the challenge of re-establishing a routine.  But that is the easy part, and usually just comes naturally.

Kicking the television habit the children developed while we were moving may be slightly more difficult.  I think they reached their quota for the year in two weeks; because the television can sometimes be an excellent baby sitter.  Especially when you don't want the kids getting into things.  And now I feel all kinds of guilty and dirty.  I may need a shower to get it off me.


Today was the start of the detox.  The television addict rehab if you will.  After Church Keith's grandfather offered to take him downstairs and watch the Iron Man cartoon with him.  Keith got very excited and it made me sad because I knew I would have to be the bad guy.

"No more TV, Keith.  You have had enough.  Why don't you go play with your toys?"  I said firmly.

And then the tantrum began.

"I don't want to play with my toys!  They are boring.  I don't want them anymore!  I just want to watch shows with Grandpa!"  little stomps and giant tears accompanied every word.  He ran into the living room and flung himself onto the couch, blatantly turning his back to me and ignoring all suggestions or words of comfort I could think to give him.

I was so sad for him, but knowing that I was making the right decision, I wanted to alleviate his disappointment.  Detox is hard.  I found a marshmallow gingerbread man and went over to converse with him.  It went something like this:

Keith:  Sob sob sob sob kick sob kick sneeze.

Marshmallow Gingerbread Man:  Keithy, why are you crying?

Keith talking directly to the little treat in my hand and not even acknowledging my presence:  Because my mom and dad wont let me watch the Iron Man cartoon.

Marshmallow Gingerbread Man:  Why not?

Keith: Because they said I had enough tv.

Marshmallow Gingerbread Man:  Have you had enough?

Keith:  Well, no.  Because I just want to watch it. {dramatic pause} and now I am going to eat you!

And with that, he grabbed the little man out of my hand and popped him into his mouth.  Of course the little Marshmallow Gingerbread Man began screaming. The more Keith chewed, the more muffled his cries were.  And so, the demise of the little marshmallow Gingerbread Man was the cause of smiles and good feeling reinstated in my little family.


Em said…
We go in tv patterns. Lately we haven't been watching very much bc the weather has been great andy kids have been sleeping in. When that passes we'll be back to tv again:) at least it's educational. I'm slowly getting past the guilt of it, but it is def my biggest guilt festerer. Is that a word??
Myya said…
Oh my goodness that story is adorable, well the end part is. The beginning was a bummer, I know what you mean about having to be the bad guy though. It is tough work being a mama, especially when you are surrounded by people who always get to be the good guy. Good job!!! :)
Susan Anderson said…

Another problem solved...

Macey said…
And thus ends the tv addiction...so begins the marshmallow addiction. LOL!!!
Cute story.
Lourie said…
Hahaha so cute. My son would be mad at me for making it scream. LOL. Kids are funny.
Jenny said…
I may have to have a little marshamallow talk with my youngest Grand. She was sick a few days and I was buried with work so I let her watch TV most of the TV. Yeah, I think she's hooked. Cute story.
Noodle said…
hehehe that made me smile kids are too funny... Sammy gets more upset when I raise my voice at her than what she is actually is getting in trouble for... And we are totally addicted to TV... Sammy knows how to turn in on by her self and find the cartoons... I've created a monster... But I have to admit I'm addicted to... Sad but true...
You are just the cutest Mommy ever. I would never have thought of a gingerbread counselor. It is funny b/c TV can be one of those necessary evils when I get sick or have a big project for work due... boy it is HARD to break that habit though once we start it. It is like the TV transforms Harm and Call into little toddler zombies (Rachel luckily still ignores it).
Emmy said…
Hehe too cute! Our food talks too when it is eaten.
Lisa said…
YOU ARE AWESOME! What an amazing idea! I need to try that with my Sara... I hope I can remember it when I am fighting with her. We have such power struggles.

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