TO DO List:

Birthday week.

To Do:

Buy supplies for the barbeque.

 Make these cookies

  Make this cake

 Go to library and get books for kids and for me.

Measure window and attempt to make curtains for kids room without a pattern. Must stop 5:30 AM wakings.  Wish me luck.

P.S. Congrats, Melissa!  You won last week's Time Out!


Susan Anderson said…
If I wake up anywhere in the 5's, I am a wreck all the day. The brain is numb.

Lara Neves said…
Good luck! Can't wait to see the finished curtains.
Tisha said…
I haven't found a curtain thick enough to keep the 5:30am wakings away, so I have resorted to hanging a quilt in the window... not the classiest decoration, but keeps Jonas in bed until almost 8:00am so it's worth it!
Emmy said…
Ugh anytime before 6 is wrong.
Love this post and make sure you take lots of pictures! That cake would be awesome!
Myya said…
Those cookies & cake are SOOOO cute!!!
Em said…
allergy medicine??? maybe that would stop the 530 wake ups? doesn't matter if my brennan goes to bed later, he still wakes up at the same time, but maybe your kids can compensate?

i've only made curtains without a pattern, but they were nothing fancy. just black so brennan would sleep longer. where did those go...
Lourie said…
Oooh curtains! And those hamburger cookies. I may have to check those out. haha. Cute.
Noodle said…
Use Black-out liner... Its only a little extra but it will keep the sun out!!!... Guess what My kids curtains are ade with!!! YOu got it Black-out... Its just a white drapery Lining but it works like magic! If you need help let me know maybe we can have a play date and let the kids play and we could play with fabric =)
WOW I think you should post tutorials or how to or show us those cookies and cakes! They are so cute! I haven't ever seen them before!
That sounds like a big list girl!
Busy Busy Busy! Good luck
alpinekleins said…
Ah - a birthday week, so much fun! Love the plans - good luck!

Macey said…
I want the cookies. Kthanks. :)
Macey said…
Oh and I've made curtains without a pattern. They're the easiest to make cuz it's all straight lines. And it's cuz I don't know how to read a pattern.
Lisa said…
Fun fun fun! Love that we both had to do lists today! :)

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