Time Out Tuesday

This week is crunch week.

We are officially moving.

This week.

All our big stuff is gone.  Beds, dressers, book shelfs, decorations, etc.  Keith is sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  He loves it.  It is nothing but a big adventure for him.  Faye is in her pack n play.  Happily, she loves her pack n play.  Jeffrey and I get to share a couch.  It is very cramped, and very intimate.  We sort of like it.

Tonight I am cooking all our dinners for the rest of the week and then packing up the kitchen.

Needless to say, this week I will not have much ME time.

I hope you do, though.  And don't forget to link up!

A name will be drawn on Saturday.
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Cheeseboy said…
Good luck with the move! Hope all goes well.
Noodle said…
I hope all goes well with the move... I'm glad it is an adventure for the kids... I got my time out up but I dont see were I can link it... no worrys I know your getting pulled in like ten directions right now =)
Susan Anderson said…
Onward and upward!

Moving house is a task that is daunting to me... one of the reasons we decided not to sell last year. You've done it so often, you should write a book!
Trish said…
Best wishes on your move! I know you will get through it like a champ!
Em said…
Oh dear...I hate moving:( buy pizza one night and go e yourself a break! That can be your time out:)
Laura said…
YAY! Good luck with everything this week! I hope you get at least a tiny bit of me time. :)
Lara Neves said…
Good luck! Moving is evil.
Carrie said…
Sending good moving vibes your way...
Lisa said…
YAY for getting my butt in gear this week! And good luck in the move!

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