Tea For The Grumpies

We had a hard day today.

All of us.

Jeffrey was dropped off at the library to study bright and early, and then the kids and I went to the store.  We needed cilantro for dinner.  Chayote soup.

Oh so good.

While at the store I splurged on Ding Dongs.

To put in the freezer.

Frozen is the only way to eat them.

Oh so good.

I was grumpy and I felt bad.  I didn't know why I was being so unreasonable and mean.  I just was.

When we got home, I put the kids to bed.  Both of them.  That is when I watched Ramona and did nothing.

I felt a little guilty for not working, but everyone needs a break every now and then, I justified.

When the kids woke up from their naps we packed up and took a lunch to Jeffrey at the library.  Knowing the foul mood that was plaguing me, He suggested we eat it at the park so the kids could play and we could visit.

We fed the ducks.

The kids slid on the slide, swung in the swings, threw sand in the air, and ran around.  A lot.

When we got home, it was evident that the park had worn everyone out, so we all snuggled into our beds for a nap.  The children were quiet in their room, and Jeffrey held me and talked me out of the grouchy mood I was in.  Eventually, accidentally, he and I also fell asleep. 

I woke up around 6:00.  Everyone else got up around 7:00.

I couldn't believe it!

But a three hour nap in the middle of the afternoon was just what the doctor ordered. 

The grumpies were gone.

We had a delightful dinner, and then for dessert, Keith ordered a tea party.

I pulled down the tea set, and party we did.

Complete with frozen Ding Dongs.

And now, it is 9:30 and the kids show no sign of tiredness.

I am having serious second thoughts on these late afternoon naps.


That looks so much fun!!! We do late naps and we have to wake them or they will not sleep either :p They won't nap early though :( Naps are hard to balance BUT it beats skipping the naps ;)
Emmy said…
I have never had a ding dong frozen-that does sound good.
And I can't believe everyone slept for that long. It seems like as soon as I am laying down for a nap someone wakes up or something happens to wake me.
Fun fun tea party!
Em said…
i LOVE this post. everything about it.
1. jeremy sipping tea.
2. faye in her highchair.
3keith with his gloves.
4. must try frozen ding dongs.
the end.
Laura said…
haha i was thinking...man, if my kids took naps that late they would never go to bed, then i got to your last sentence. :)

Now i want a frozen ding dong. haha
Terra said…
I get the grumpis too, but can't remember the last time I napped! I have also never had a frozen ding dong...hmmmm. New treat
Noodle said…
Lately when I'm Grumpy Johnny just sends me to bed and he occupies the kids... Sometimes its a double edge sword.. Nothing gets done in the house so the next day I have more things to do but... AHHHH a nap =) With Sammy not taking them for more than a year now I can not express how much they mean to me =)
Susan Anderson said…
Frozen ding dongs! I like it.


PS. Late afternoon naps can be tough.
Unknown said…
I've been grumpy for a few days now too. Nothing like a baby shower to make me feel better!

Glad you were able to have a better day! But really, late afternoon naps are not good! Hope y'all were able to get to bed before midnight!
Lourie said…
Oh wow a three hour nap! I am shocked when I sleep more than hour! I am glad you got the grumpies away. Poof be gone!
Veronica said…
Love the tea party with ding-dongs! Sweet! There's nothing better than a nap.

Though sometimes I have Alex skip the nap as he's transitioning to being without so he'll go to bed on the early side, otherwise he's up super late....
Heather said…
I love that Jeffrey drinks tea. Jon, never!
Lisa said…
HOW FUN! I've never been the kind of girl that enjoyed stuff like tea parties - I am kind of a tom boy - but I bet my Sara would just ADORE the chance to play like that!

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