Sad Truth and Three Things, and Proud Mommy Moment

I love being a girl. I really do. But that was not always the case.

When I was younger, I hated it. I used to pray at night that I could be turned into a boy. I was always told I couldn't do things because I was a girl.

I couldn't go hiking alone, because I was a girl.

I couldn't go camping because I was a girl.

I couldn't go camping with boys, because I was a girl (trying to remedy the first problem.)

I couldn't do a lot of things because of my gender, and so I hated it. I loved being outdoors, and being independent. I envied my brothers their freedom.

And then, one day, when I was 23, I had an amazing moment, where, for the first time in my life, I was glad to be a girl.

I am starting to wonder about that now.

Evidently, I wear a mustache very well.

I never thought I would, but the proof is in the pudding.

Who would have thought?  It is such a sad truth.  And a big fat stache for that matter.  Sigh. 

Looking at that picture, I really feel like I am the cartoon.

See the similarity?

Moving along, Evelyn of Hanging by a Silver Lining had a few questions I want to answer.

1. Three home improvement projects: 
I feel all proud of myself.  I got the bathroom unpacked and cleaned up yesterday.  Today I am working on my room, and then I am hoping to get a quilt started.  *Ahem*
 2. Three favorite songs:
I have so many, it isn't really fair to just choose two.  But one song that always makes me smile is Fields of Gold by The Police.  Lately I have had The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel stuck in my head, and to rock out too, I would have to say Eye of The Tiger.  How can you not move when hearing that song?  I ask you!
3. Three dreadful things I’m really not looking forward to in the near future:
Ugh.  Faye is going in for surgery part two next week.  I went to the dentist this week and learned I may need a root canal.  So not excited for that.  And our car is on the verge of dying.  So, I am praying it will somehow heal itself and at least last until Jeffrey finds a job, and gets a few pay checks under the belt.
4. Three most surprising things about giving birth for the first time:
I went in for my weekly check-up and my doctor said "Holy cow!  You are at an 8.  Go to L&D right now!"  I so wasn't expecting that.  Also, they messed up on the epidural.  I will never again have one.  And here I had been conditioned to think it was impossible to have a baby without an epidural.  Pshaw.  Then the most surprising thing of all was when they took him away from me and put him in NICU.  I wasn't expecting that one at all!
5. Three easy recipes:
Lucky for me, I have a recipe blog.  So, just go there and take your pick.  I would say the Cafe Rio burritos are awfully easy (think I have promoted them enough yet?).  The Roasted Zucchini sandwiches are among my favorite, and when I don't have much time, I make Skinny Enchilada Soup.
6. Three really totally awesome things I did today that make me a Super Mom/Super Woman:
Well, Faye is asleep, and Keith is playing, so I haven't done much awesomeness yet today.  We will be going to the library, though.  Does that count?
7. Three things I never leave home without:
I am a pretty low key kind of girl.  I don't have things I always take with me.  I quite often forget my phone or wallet even.  So I guess I would have to say my sense of humor, gratitude, and a pair of comfy shoes.
8. Three favorite movies pre-1970:
9. Three best skills:
Laughing at awkwardness.  Typing (60+ wpm, baby).  Playing the Polly Anna Game.
10. Three awkward happenings on the honeymoon:
Just three?  I am going to just say the whole night was awkward!
And let us not forget...Three pictures
Mustache, mustache and mustache.
On a new topic, Emmy Mom also has a meme for Proud Mommy Moment.  Today, Keith read 6 words.  I was so happy and proud of him!

P.S. Don't forget to link up to Time Out Tuesdays! A name will be drawn on Saturday for the next prize!


You are so cute, even with a stache! :)

Eye of the tiger!? YESSS!
sorry to hear about the epidural experience wasn't that great the second time around, but I don't think I could ever do without one.

Ohhh I have to check out your recipe blog because I like easy meals.
Emmy said…
Wow Keiths birth was not much fun. And so cool that he read 6 words!
You covered everything today I think :)
Anonymous said…
I like the mustache!
Mamarazzi said…
loove the a lot!
I'm going to have the Eye of Tiger song in my head all day. My groovin' thighs thank you.

I'll send a prayer out for all of you dreadful things--those do not sound fun.

And, I'm checking out your burrito recipe right now. We are huge Cafe Rio fans. :)
Kmama said…
Thank you for linking up with PMM!

Reading six words is definitely something to be proud of. I'm always amazed when I listen to my son read!

By the way, I love the little story in your sidebar about how you came up with the name for your blog. So sweet!
Susan Anderson said…
What a fun post!

And I will keep Faye in my prayers next week.

Trish said…
This post really made me smile! I love your confessional in the beginning about wishing you could be a boy. Funny pic too! Love ya!
Lisa said…
So fun! It's so fun to learn things about you.
About your car... what is it doing? I have a mechanic hubby and father. Maybe we could help you from far away. I even have a mechanic nephew that lives in Clearfield that could do the work over the phone with my hubby... I hope we can help you!
I hated that the boys always got to camping and the YW only got to go for half a week once a year and it was still kind of "fluffy". :P

I am going to have to check out your recipe blog. I've always been curious how vegetarians eat...

Oh to be at an 8 and not realize it!

It surprises me how many people are complaining about epidurals being a mess. I wish someone would have told me that before...

Thank you so much for joining in!! Loved your answers!!

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