Milly Vanilly Said To Blame It On The Rain

It was Spring all over yesterday.

Keith and I went for a walk to get some things to make the cookies and cakes.  The scent of lilacs was heavy.  I love that smell.  It always reminds me of my grandmother's house.  She used to have a huge lilac bush bursting with faint purple flowers.  I made Keith lean over and inhale as we passed a large bush.

"Ew!  Mom, I got a bug up my nose!"  he sputtered.

Sad that his first encounter was so memorable.

He began complaining on the walk home, so I invented a friend for him.  A little worm, hiding in his pocket began to talk to him.  It entertained him and we enjoyed the fresh air and the rest of our little walk.  Keith even insisted on sleeping with the invisible Mr. Worm. 
As I walked in the front door, I immediately missed that lilac hinted air.  So as not to miss a second of the lilac tinted air, I opened all the windows and doors to let Spring in.  It made me so happy to feel the cool breeze as I made the cookies.  They turned out even better than I had hoped. (go here for recipe)
After I got the kids down for their naps, I went to the library and store to get the things for Jeffrey's cake.


Without kids.  

Just me.  

I forgot how wonderful the library is, when you go alone.  It is so peaceful and fulfilling in a way I can't explain.  The smell of books and knowledge and imagination all mingled into that little hard bound treasure that you can take home with you just titillates the heart. The library was wonderful and then there was the wind! As I left the library, the wind began howling.  My hair was whipped to and fro, like an out of control kite.

What is it about the wind that makes me feel like a child?  I skipped to my car, and did a little twirl before unlocking the door and getting in with my pile of gold.  I was eager to show the children the books I had picked out for them, and to get started on my own.

As I drove away, the rain began.  Not just sprinkling down, but torrents.  I pulled up to the store, hesitantly got out, and as I rushed to the door, I couldn't help but laugh.  The combined efforts of the wind and rain gave me a wild desire to be Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain, and start twirling around the light post.  People must have thought I was mad as I raised my face to the sky, welcoming the drowning torrents.  It was intense, and it made me so happy.

While I browsed through the store, my phone rang.  I glanced down, saw who was calling me, and my heart did a little flutter.
It was Jeffrey.  My heart beat faster, my palms got sweaty, and I excitedly answered my phone.  It was silly, really.  I knew he was going to call, but the sudden rush of emotion, the excitement of him calling me took me back to the days when we were dating.  It took me back to the time of butterflies in the stomach, and flirting eyes.  It was a nice reminder.  I hurried through the store and got out to the car.  I remember driving crazy.  I was a teenager again, rushing to meet the boy I had a crush on.  I couldn't get home fast enough.  I just wanted to be with him right then.  To laugh and flirt, and just be together.

After dinner I made his favorite rolls and we had a peaceful tea right before bed.
 I don't think the day could possibly have gone better!

I blame it on the rain storm.

Oh blessed Spring Storm!

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(Thanks Vanessa!)


Emmy said…
If I had written this post it probably would of said, the kids started whining on our walk-so annoying. And then I made these incredibly beyond cute cookies and got to the go the library alone I was so happy to get away from everyone. And when I was leaving the store I was so annoyed it was raining!

Your view on life is so wonderfully refreshing and wonderful.
The cookies truly are so amazing!!
You had tea?! Like with a tea set and everything?! What a classy dame! Love it!
CB said…
You make me smile! When I read your writing I feel like I am in the middle of a novel by Jane Eyre or some other such grand lady!
Your spring day sounds positively delightful!
Trish said…
Lilacs...oh yes! We had some in our front yard. They are wonderful! Here in Texas there is a flower called the Mountain Laurel and I can't decide anymore if I like it better than Lilacs or if I like Lilacs the best. One thing is for sure, I will always have a special place in my heart for both of them.
Lisa said…
LOVE lilacs! Tried to get my kids to sniff them the other day... they said it stunk. Sad. And those cookies are adorable! LOVE them! I'll have to post the cupcakes I made for Kirk's class - definitely cute!
Myya said…
What an awesome take on your day. If only we all could be more positive about the little things!

LOVE that you got butterflies when the hubs called you, I get those still too, I feel so lucky to still get that way after so very long together. :)
What a divine day. Happy Spring to you my dear :)

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