Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My ears are ringing.

My throat is sore.

My heart is thumping.

I am alive.

These are some of the thoughts that were racing through my mind last night.

A friend surprised me with tickets to the U2 concert two hours before it started.  Jeffrey didn't want to go, so I went with my best friend.

It was much better than I had anticipated.

Jeffrey is wonderful.  How on earth is it possible for me to love him more today than I did four years ago?  But I do.  It is his birthday and I still have many preparations to attend to.  I hope you all have a fabulous day.


Sue said...

Happy birthday to Jeffrey!

Glad you got to go to U2.


Brittany Elizabeth said...

OMGOODNESS! i was there too! U2 is just the greatest thing since sliced bread! and the fray wasnt so bad either! i love them too!

Lisa said...

AWESOME!!! How cool is that! So jealous! Happy early birthday to Jeffrey!

Trish said...

WHAAA...?T? Now I'm the jealous one! I am happy for you. Insanely jealous, yes. Happy, yes. They can co-exist. Certainly. GAH!!!

Erin said...

I heard from other friends that the concert was fabulous. How fun that you got to go!

Malinda said...

Intense! Best Surprise Ever!

Emmy said...

Lucky! Eric and I saw them when they were in Utah about eight years ago- or maybe it was even nine, wow I feel old :)

Francisca said...

I can't believe I'm admitting this but saw U2 19 yrs ago in concert (I was in 4th grade I think). It was my first and a total blast so I am thoroughly jealous! Glad you had such a great treat :)

Myya said...

AWESOME!!! I bet you had an amazing time.