Dear Diary

Journal entry.

May 30, 2011

White stuff again.

It is absolutely unbelievable.  Usually this time of year is hot.  I have to admit, though, when I first saw the snow on the ground, I did do a little happy jump.  The one where my right leg pops up, and I let out a squeal.  The snow made me happy for some unknown reason. 

I have decided a late Spring snow is almost as exciting as the first snow fall of the year.  It is unexpected, and though we are all wishing for a little more sunshine, it was so sweet and tranquil.  Something about snow makes me hug my little ones closer.  And that is always a welcome feeling.

We had cocoa for breakfast.  Cocoa and oatmeal.  Not mixed.  While we were eating, we discussed plans for the day.  Fort building and story reading were very high on the priority list.

While Faye napped, Keith and I went to the store to get fort supplies.  Just the essentials.  Crackers, flash cards to help him with his reading, cookies for when he does read, and a small bag of cheetos for him, because they are his favorite.  Shopping is tiring.  Shopping with a 3 year old is exhausting.  But I loved the interaction I got with him.  I loved his sweet smiles and his curiosity and conversation.  When we got home, though, I was ready to be done.

Keith went out with his grandmother, and Jeffrey played with Faye so I could have a little alone time.

I love that man.

I was working on Christmas gifts.  When one makes instead of buys their gifts, it is important to start early.  Two down, many many more to go.

The fort was never played in.  Or built.  Maybe tomorrow we can build one outside.  It is supposed to be nearly 80*  That will most likely get a happy jump/squeal as well.

The children went to bed by 7:30.  I don't think that has ever happened before.  

I honestly feel like a bad mom on the days when I can't wait for bedtime.  Today I felt a little guilty.  They were tired, and there were many tantrums and tears.  It couldn't have come any earlier!  But because of their early bedtime Jeffrey and I had some nice one on one time.  We watched a short show, and then played a trivia game.  I sewed curtains for the kids room during all of that. 

They are functional.  That is all.  They are not nice or stylish.  They don't even match his room!  But they are double sided and I do hope they will do the trick and keep the kids in bed later.  They have been so tired since we moved here because they are waking up too early and not napping long enough.  My fingers are crossed.  And yes, that is Keith sweetly sleeping in his bed.  He woke up while I was hanging them and demanded a drink of water.  Only his speech was very slurred.  It was adorable.  I wanted to make a joke about him having had enough to drink, but he would have just starred at me with those sleepy glassy eyes.

I am pooped.  And tomorrow is another long day.  How is it the days are so long and yet time flies by so fast?  Logically it doesn't make sense.  It probably has something to do with math and imaginary numbers which is why I don't get it.  I never did get imaginary numbers.  Either it is real or it is not.  No "let's pretend" in math.  That was for English class.  Which is possibly why I did so poorly in math.  Which is most likely why I don't understand the long days and time disappearance.  Or there is a time burglar.  That is the only other explanation.  I ramble when I am tired.

This is what Faye looks like when she is tired.  

Still cute, hu?

P.S.  Thanks to everyone for playing along last week.  Emmy won the drawing.  Please email me your information so I can send it off to last week's winner, and you can get your prize.  Also, don't forget tomorrow (Tuesday) is the new day to link up.  I will try to get the linky up by noon, but no promises.  It will be up at some point tomorrow, though.  And that is a promise.


Myya said…
I love that sleepy slurred speech and those sleepy eyes. So sweet. You have it right when you said days can seem so long but why does time fly so quickly. Oh man is that the truth!
Em said…
Ok it did NOT snow here. I couldn't figure out what you were talking about when you left that comment for me. Now I know!!! My tomatoes would have been toast!
Snow? So jealous! We are in the 90's these days here. Don't feel bad being excited for the kids to go to sleep. Everyone needs their time; especially couple time! I can't believe how talented you are at sewing :) Maybe you can fix my temple dress for me. I got it a size too big.
Susan Anderson said…
There were many days when I couldn't wait for my kids to go to bed!

Just sayin'...

Emmy said…
Yea! I won! How exciting.
And snow seriously? I don't think I would be all that excited about it at this point in the game. Though the year Eric and I got married-ten years ago June 16th-it snowed a few days before our wedding-luckily we were back in Chicago at the time so we missed it. :)
Lourie said…
SnoW!? Are you kidding me? That's crazy.
Erin said…
We all have days when we can't wait for bedtime. Promise. :)

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