Casualty of a Storm

The thunder and lightening were like a gift.  

Last night I was having a delicious dream.  I don't really remember the details, just that I liked it.

I was awakened by a deep rumbling and a loud crash.

Sweet Sigh.

A lightening/thunder storm to accompany all that rain.

I snuggled in closer to Jeffrey.  He sleepily leaned over and kissed my cheek, and we both relaxed back into each other and slumber.  Every crash of thunder, every brilliance of lightening was a lovely punctuation to my dreams.  It lasted in full force for about ten minutes and I relished every second of it.  Just as the rumblings were drifting away, drawing my sleep ever nearer a new sound dripped into my consciousness.

Trickle, trickle, trickle.

Jeffrey jerked into an upright position, and grabbed his glasses.  Groggily I reached for mine.  A murmuring ripple, like a stream, in our room.  I felt around for the lamp, and with the illumination our eyes shied away.  As soon as they were adjusted to the soft glow of the lamp, Jeffrey jumped out of bed.

The stream really was in our room.  Pouring in through the window.

The desk top computer sat right in front of the window.  In the direct path of the newly made stream.

It was as if a director for an action movie had given the command.


Slumber was gone from our eyes.

Towels were grabbed, stuffed into the crack around the window, soaked, wrung out and stuffed again.

The wet dry vac was retrieved and used.

Eventually, the stream lessened, and the water was wicked/sucked up.

And my once so peaceful night was given permission to resume.

Without the lightening and thunder this time.

But with a heavy torrent as perfect white noise.

Only who can resume sleep after an adrenaline rush like that?

Evidently, Jeffrey can't and I can.

Mr. Sandman plays favorites.

I was his favorite.

Within moments, I was sound asleep.

Jeffrey fell asleep thirty minutes or so later.

Bless you, Mr. Sandman.

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Susan Anderson said…
You told that well, Amy. Drew me right in to your story.

Emmy said…
Oh no! Was the computer okay? And yes agree with Sue, very good story telling
Jenny said…
Love this story. You totally sucked me in! I think your computer is okay cuz I just came her from your current post. Huh? Okay, hope you know what I mean!
Lisa said…
BEAUTIFUL! You have an amazing talent! Loved it! And so glad YOU were the one allowed to sleep...

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