Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthday Recap

Highlights of yesterday:

The cake was a success : recipe
Grilled pineapple has become a must at all barbecues... and sometimes in between.
T-bone steak and A1 Steak sauce make my hubby happy
Corn on the cob takes longer to grill then it does to boil. But tastes ten times better.

The smell of the barbecue attracts biting bugs

Gift buying for Jeffrey is nearly impossible!

If I buy him something that he doesn't like he will have me return it and get something for me

I should buy him gifts he doesn't like more often

Yesterday was wonderful. The weather was perfect!  I made Jeffrey take the day off.  He wasn't allowed to do anything. He had farting privileges all day. I wouldn't say anything at any time of the day if he chose to stink up the place. He was very happy with that gift. He played and read for enjoyment while I scurried around getting everything ready. The barbecue was a success. Three of our friends came over and celebrated with us.   Being guys, they wanted to light a marshmallow instead of a candle.  Do boys ever really grow up?  I don't think they do.


***Nerd alert***

If you ever thought I was cool, please stop reading and continue with your illusions of me. Thank you.

After we were filled on good food, we went inside and roll played. I know it is nerdy, and Jeffrey will probably be annoyed that I am letting the world see what nerds we are, but it is time to come out of the closet on this. We roll play once a week, and we love it! Yes, sort of like Dungeons and Dragons, but with house rules and our own version. It is a blast, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. It is often the highlight of our week. Since Jeffrey and I are such opposites on nearly everything, this is a happy meeting ground.  Being around friends is a way for me to relax and recharge.  Being alone is how Jeffrey relaxes and recharges.  But with roll playing, we are both happy.  It fulfills my need and desire to get out every week, and he gets to spend more weekends home since I already did something with friends.  It doesn't always work like that.  I do still need to go out with just him sometimes, but it helps a lot. 

And now Gary is back, so playing is more of a riot. Ah, good times.

And so, my sweet hubby had a dream day for himself. Everything as he would want it.

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