Friday, April 22, 2011

What Keith Has Been Up To

Keith has been absolutely adorable when it comes to watching over his sister.

Seriously, I hope that every little girl can have a big brother like him.  She was tired and not feeling well, so he asked if he could try to hold her and calm her down.  My goodness, it was the cutest thing EVER!  And it worked.  She sat with him for such a long time.

He has recently become interested in Chess.  He can sit for hours playing Chess and with Lego men.

That boy cracks me up.  But it makes me happy.  He takes after his father, the president and founder of the High School Chess Club.

Some days, Keith just has to dress himself.  He is the most stylin little guy I have ever met.

Did you notice his cowboy boots?  Awesome.

And this photo just makes me happy.  It is cozy, and happy and childhood all wrapped up into a photo.

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