What Keith Has Been Up To

Keith has been absolutely adorable when it comes to watching over his sister.

Seriously, I hope that every little girl can have a big brother like him.  She was tired and not feeling well, so he asked if he could try to hold her and calm her down.  My goodness, it was the cutest thing EVER!  And it worked.  She sat with him for such a long time.

He has recently become interested in Chess.  He can sit for hours playing Chess and with Lego men.

That boy cracks me up.  But it makes me happy.  He takes after his father, the president and founder of the High School Chess Club.

Some days, Keith just has to dress himself.  He is the most stylin little guy I have ever met.

Did you notice his cowboy boots?  Awesome.

And this photo just makes me happy.  It is cozy, and happy and childhood all wrapped up into a photo.


Sami said…
Bug does that sort of thing for Boo all the time, and it never fails to melt my heart.
Proud mama moment, right there!
And I guess as long as you don't let him go to church dressed like that...what's the harm?
He looks awesome!
And I still don't know how to play chess. The boy is a genius!!!:)
Susan Anderson said…
It's great that he has such a good attention span at that young age. Bodes well for school!

Noodle said…
I love his outfit the boots just make me smile... Sammy has to dress her self now too.. Today she wore her Halloween dress... Yup its 6 months until Halloween but thats what she wants to wear... Oh well at least I can keep clothes on her now =)
Erin said…
It's very impressive that he likes chess! What fun photos.
CB said…
Wow Chess at such a young age - very cool! His little brain is really working. I think you can tell alot about kids personalities from their interests as children.
The picture with his sister is precious as is the one with their dad - true happiness in a picture for sure!

Happy Easter!!
How cute!! I hope that my son is like that with his sister..he's good with her now, but sometimes gets a little jealous. He's always making her laugh and she just loves him to death! That picture is SOO sweet!
Well, all those pictures are sweet! Cowboy boots! YESS!
Unknown said…
OMG! That is the cutest thing EVER!!! You are one lucky mama!!
He is going to be such a great big brother. Totally watching out for her and chasing all the boys away!
And I LOVE that picture of your hubby amd the kids! So right, childhood right there. I fear if mine were to do that, we wouldn't be able to see him, all covered in kids. lol!
Lourie said…
Oh Amy, I don't know what is cutest, but the top of the list and battling for first....the one of Keith and his sis is so freaking cute! But the one where he dressed himself. Heck yeah I noticed those cowboy boots! Awesome.
Jenny said…
Awwww....awwww...I can hardly stand the cuteness. I need to scroll back and see how the testing went!

Happy Easter lovely Miss Amy!
Sandra said…
That little boy is definitely one in a million...you know that chess obsession could pay off in a few years. Don't they have tournaments for money?...I'm just sayin'....not that I think exploiting your child is right, it's just...oh, never mind...the kid is super cute, let's leave it at that :O)
I think our two big brothers could get along swimmingly. Mine also likes to cuddle the sisters and play chess. Or at least his version of chess. He also rocks a pair of cowboy boots with shorts. They must be soulmates! ;)
Emmy said…
Oh what a great big brother! I do hope he stays that way. And that last picture is so wonderful- so good and what life is all about.

And his outfit-the best ever :)
Lisa said…
What an awesome brother! My big boy does that too. But chess? Totally not his style. He has to be playing video games or riding 4-wheelers. :)

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