A Trip To The Firehouse Complete WithEye Candy

As you may recall, I have been wanting to teach Keith a little about fire safety.  Just in case.  Just for my peace of mind.  So, I scheduled a trip to the local fire station for us and our friends Heather and Rowan.

Cramming three car seats in my car?  Ridiculous!  It really doesn't work.  At all.  But the kids had a lot of fun playing while I got the seats ready.

And then we got there.  We thought we were locked out.  All the doors were locked.  There was no way in.  But then we found a cute little door bell.

And the fireman came to the door.

Keith and his friend Rowan squealed with excitement, pushed past Fireman Paul, and rushed into the building.  It was quite cute, really.

We got a lovely 1 minute tour.  That is all the boys would allow for.  They kept searching the building for the trucks.

We learned that firemen each have their own little rooms!  No dorm style for our brave men.  No bunks or fire poll.  They have a gym, their own room, and a nice big kitchen with entertainment area.  It was all very cozy and comfortable.  I sort of want to move there.

Keith saw the kitchen and said "I'm hungry, Mom."

Rowan saw the remotes, grabbed them, and made himself comfortable on the lazy boy.

Faye clung to me the whole time.

To get the kids away from their leisure area, Fireman Paul opened the door to the garage.  The bright shiny red trucks lured them away.


Keith tried on everything they let him.
Each child took their turn in the drivers seat.


Rowan was very excited with the flashlight.


And Faye ran from one end of the truck to the other.

It was simply lovely.

And I just want to know if there is some sort of requirement for firemen.  Because the kids enjoyed the fire truck, and the mothers enjoyed the eye candy!

On a completely different note, as I was tucking Keith into bed tonight, I felt something in his jammies.  I couldn't figure out what it was.  I unzipped him, and found a binki.  He was trying to smuggle a binki into his bed, the little sneak!


*Jess* said…
we love visiting the fire station, too! We go 1-2 times a year. Its really taken that many times to get the ideas of "stop, drop, roll" and "if there's smoke, get on the floor and crawl like a baby" and the idea of a safety spot to stick in their head!
We had a small electrical fire in our basement 2 years ago. We had several firemen in our yard and our home, all while the girls were playing on the swing set. I don't think they knew how scared mom and dad were, but they still talk about having all the firemen at our house.

Your trip was a great good-mom thing to do for him. And you!
Terra said…
What a great trip! And I agree it is impossible to fit extra car seats in a car...what's up with that! What would you do in an emergency? Bag it I guess....
Unknown said…
So glad you were able to do that! What a fun trip!! Hope this changes everything for your little dude!
Susan Anderson said…
I love how the firefighters are so accommodating to the kids. They are always such neat guys.

Emmy said…
How awesome is that! You just seriously called up and arranged a tour? I didn't know you could do that. Love Keith in the fire gear.

And the hidden paci, too funny!
How fun! I love the picture of Keith wearing the outfit. Harmon keeps telling me he wants to go back to the fire station. I need to take him again.
Lourie said…
I took my son and his friend to fire station last year. It was fun. They enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too! ;) hahaha. What is it about them???
Malinda said…
So Fun! I think I will have to sign myself up for my very own tour!
Myya said…
So glad you were able to do that, I;m sure that you will have a million more questions from him now but at least you can say "rememeber firefighter Paul, you know our good friend, he will come save us all" :)
Ok so Keith is the cutest little guy ever. That picture of him in the coat... that HAS to be framed!
Our fire dept is completely volunteer no indiv rooms & no awesome quarters. Your guys are super lucky. LOL
Lisa said…
What a fun trip! May I just say - the first thing that caught my eye was Faye in her adorable little sweater (yeah- can't remember the real word for it. Darn mommy brain)! Oh and your red shoes are adorable! :) A trip to remember I'm sure! PS - we have 3 kids in carseats in the backseat of our little car. It sucks. Someday I'll get to be a grownup with a bigger car/minivan/suv or something! :)
Macey said…
No, there's this "thing" about the EMT's and firemen...they HAVE to be hawt. For real.

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