Monday, April 4, 2011

Thirty for thirty



Do you want to hear a secret?

Come closer.

A little more.

That's good.  Now listen carefully.

I am turning thirty this year.

Yup, the big 3-0.

It is a little weird.

I don't have the aversion to getting older that a lot of people have, but I do want to accomplish some things.  I mean, I will be thirty.  I think that is officially an adult.  I will no longer be in my twenties.

And so, this is the list of things I want to accomplish before I turn thirty.

  1. Host a real tea party.
  2. Re-read the Jane Austen books
  3. Hike Ben Lomond 
  4. Go to an opera
  5. Star Gaze
  6. Eat a Raw meal
  7. Run at least one 5K
  8. Go on a vacation with just my Honey
  9. Run a Lemonade stand with my kids
  10. Dance in the rain
  11. Go fishing
  12. Be more mindful of others
  13. Speak softly with loving words
  14. Establish a house of order
  15. Make a blanket
  16. Relax
  17. Start a book club with Keith
  18. Appreciate and show more love to my husband
  19. Decide what I want to do when I go back to school
  20. Develop a new skill
  21. Attend a play
  22. Appreciate and love my body
  23. Lay on the grass and make cloud shapes with the kids
  24. Throw random parties
  25. Write and mail more letters
  26. Be a better friend
  27. Speak/read more Spanish
  28. Visit Martin's Cove
  29. Take a row boat ride out to an island and have a picnic.
  30. Love myself the way God loves me
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