Things That Made Me Laugh Today

"Mom, when I am done with the legos we are going to play at Rowan's house.  Capiche?"  Said the boy with SpiderMan boxers completely hanging out of his pants.

"Momma, Momma, Meeee"
Said Faye, striking a pose for the camera.

A letter I got in the mail Saturday.

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Haha...I think that letter was meant for your mom! LOL....and too cute what your son said..! Wish mine would say Capishe! spelling?? Mine does love spiderman though..good stuff
Unknown said…
I love kids when they say the cutest stuff. Jake told me to go take a nap in my room today. LOL! Ok, Mr. Bossy pants!
And you are getting old, almost 30. Old Maid!
Totally kidding btw. Feel free to pick on me when I'm turning two years! ;)
Lisa said…
AWESOME! And I love that he says Capiche! That's my favorite word! :)
Darlene said…
You really do need to keep track of all the cute things your kids say. You can always put them on your blog I suppose. It's better though to have a special journal of just what they say. I didn't do this and I have forgotten so many of the things they said that would give me such joy if I could read them today. Just a suggestion. The things they said were really cute, and capiche? too much.

I wonder though how the heck you got on the old peoples list when you got that letter. That also is too much.
Emmy said…
Lol! Capixhe! So funny.
Terra said…
Hey Grandma would you pull up his pants?
Laura said…
Senior citizen, huh!? haha

Capiche...I LOVE it, what a cutie pie!
Heather said…
ahhhh. I am so glad he likes Rowan and playing at our house. Senior citizen eh? Hmmm - you could have fooled me! :0)
:giggle: When did turning 30 qualify you as a senior citizen? Oh well that explains my memory loss!

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