Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remember When Nap Time Was Sacred?

Nap time. 

The proverbial time when Mothers have a chance to do the things they can't with little ones awake.

It was a time I cherished.  A time I relished.  A time that seems to be long gone.

Ever since the kids started sharing a room, they have had to take turns with nap time.

It was the only way.

When I tried to put them down together, Faye would play and wake up Keith, or Keith would wake up first, and wake up Faye.  It just didn't work.

But then today, we had a stroke of genius.

Jeffrey and I were cleaning.  Both kids were exceptionally tired.  We tried putting them down together, but it didn't work.

Of course.

We got Faye up and tried to get Keith to sleep, hoping that after he was asleep we could put Faye down and she wouldn't wake him up.

And then, Jeffrey pulled out the pack'n'play.  She was so excited to see it!

We put her in, she curled up and went right to sleep.

I was then able to get some good cleaning done.

The fridge is cleaned out.

A masterpiece.  A work of art.  Those were Jeffrey's words.

We got the kids rooms cleaned up and out.  Toys were packed up and shipped off to the DI.  We are getting things ready to move.

Games are boxed up now.

All of these things were done during nap time.

Though, I have to confess the fridge cleaning was done on Saturday during nap time.

I am hoping that this trend will stick.  I have to say, it is lovely to possibly have this time back.

Absolutely dreamy.

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And in other news, remember how excited I was to get my book in the mail?  Imagine my excitement when this arrived!

Jeffrey ordered it for me.


A girl's best friend.

I now, for the first time, have my own computer.  Yay!
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