The Proposal

There was a soft snow falling casting an ethereal glow in my living room. 

We were cozy with the heater blasting, music playing and conversation flowing.

As the mood was set, the question was popped.

"Will you marry me?"

I looked deep into the earnest blue eyes gazing with the hope of the future into mine.

I smiled, contemplating my answer. 

"I am sorry sweetie, I am already married."

"But Daddy can marry someone else.  I want to marry you when I become a daddy."

"No, I am sorry.  When you get big you will want to marry someone else."

"Okay.  I will marry Rowan's Mommy then."

I laughed.  "But Rowan's Mommy is already married, Keith.  She is married to Rowan's Daddy."

"Well, who am I going to marry, then?  Faye?"

I explained that when he got older he would find a lovely girl, and want to marry her.

It is nice to know I am that loved, though.

But for now, he will always be my little Knight.


Susan Anderson said…
I so remember these sweet conversations with my boys...and all of them were almost identical.

i love it!

Myya said…
Awe what a sweet lil guy. You broke his heart LOL. Boy will he laugh at this when he gets older & boy will his wife one day LOVE to read this :)
CB said…
I also remember having those conversations with my boys. It is a good feeling to be loved THAT much! Enjoy it :-D
:giggle: That is so cute! He is going to be a heartbreaker one day!
Lourie said…
Every once in a while my son will still want to marry me. But mostly it is girls...the young women mostly. What a hound. hhaha. So cute.
Macey said…
Awww, I remember my boys telling me they were going to marry fact, I think my 7 year old just said that not too long ago. :) LOVE it.
Emmy said…
Hehe awww so sweet! Lucky lady being proposed to by such a handsome guy!
Kids have a way of making you seem so utterly popular and important every now and then...
a man said…
that is dang cute.
Sami said…
Awww! That reminds me of that song "I'm already taken". Do you remember that song?
Terra said…
a knight in shining armor for sure. What an adorable conversation!
Heather said…
Truly I am flattered......he might be freaked out when he is 16 and I am like 40 some odd years old and he is reminded that there was a time when he asked if he could marry me- so I am glad you have documentation proving it was true!
Lisa said…
Aww. What a precious little guy! I love it!

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