Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Proposal

There was a soft snow falling casting an ethereal glow in my living room. 

We were cozy with the heater blasting, music playing and conversation flowing.

As the mood was set, the question was popped.

"Will you marry me?"

I looked deep into the earnest blue eyes gazing with the hope of the future into mine.

I smiled, contemplating my answer. 

"I am sorry sweetie, I am already married."

"But Daddy can marry someone else.  I want to marry you when I become a daddy."

"No, I am sorry.  When you get big you will want to marry someone else."

"Okay.  I will marry Rowan's Mommy then."

I laughed.  "But Rowan's Mommy is already married, Keith.  She is married to Rowan's Daddy."

"Well, who am I going to marry, then?  Faye?"

I explained that when he got older he would find a lovely girl, and want to marry her.

It is nice to know I am that loved, though.

But for now, he will always be my little Knight.
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