May Angel Star Give Away

Lots of exciting things are going on today.

Keith got his first library card, so we are going to spend a good chunk of the day at the library.

It is going to be nearly 70 degrees today.  FINALLY!  So we are going to spend another good chunk of the day at the park.

And, to celebrate this heavenly day, Veronica of May Angel Star has offered to give away a set of her lovely creations to a lucky reader.

Reading sure pays off, doesn't it?

She is wickedly talented with some yarn and a crochet hook.  I mean seriously!  She sent me that darling snowman last winter and it has become one of our favorite Christmas decorations.  It is so soft and cuddly and the kids just love it.

She makes darling little baby booties



pants (Squeal!  I know, adorable, hu?)

 pacifier leash

She has offered to give away a custom set of booties, hat and pacifier leash of your choice.  That means, you tell her what you want, how you want it, and she will make it for you.  And I can vouch for her.  It is good quality.  Very unlike what you would get from me if I were to crochet you something.

To win, you must follow my blog and hers and go to her store and tell me what you like there.

For extra entries

1- blog about it.  Then come back here and  tell me.

2- like her on facebook. Then come back here and tell me you did.

3- tell me a funny joke.  If I laugh, you get that extra entry.  Just because I like to laugh.  Simple enough, right?

Do not despair if you are not the lucky chosen one.  She is also giving a discount just for my readers in her store.  Type in the discount code SMILE20 from now until the end of May and you can get 20% off your order.  Oh, and shipping is always free.

This giveaway is open until midnight  April 30th.  What a great way to welcome May with May Angel Star?  Appropriate, right?

P.S.  I hope you win!


Susan Anderson said…
I love libraries like no other! And so do my grandkids!!

(cute stuff)

Em said…
those are so so so cute. i guess i'll just have to have another baby! after summer...

we spent the morning outside. then it got windy. cloudy. i'm saving up my excitement for next week. upper 60's on the tail end of the 10 day forecast. i hope this means we can break out the slip n slide.
CB said…
How fun the library and the park - and what? It is 70 there today - LUCKY!!!!!!

Those knits are so darling. I wish I had someone to get them for. I hope someone with a cute little someone wins big!!
Emmy said…
Oh yeah! I now follow her blog- I am the first :). I love the little mary janes- so cute. And I am so hoping I in so I can use one the adorable hat next time I do a newborn photo shoot. And if I win and do a shoot and the parent says it is okay- I will totally send her some pics with a baby modeling that she can use on her blog. :).

See it would be good if I won :)
Emmy said…
I liked her on FB :)
Emmy said…
Why did the orange go to the doctor?

He wasn't peeling good.

Did it make you laugh? It's my kids favorite joke
Unknown said…
Jealous of the warm weather! It's not suppose to rain this weekend here! LOL!
Veronica said…
You are so sweet Amy! Can't wait to create something fun for one of your readers!!!
Stacey said…
I'm a follower of yours and hers:) OH MY GOODNESS... I so wish I would've known about her about 8 months ago when I had my baby girl... but I would still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get the Chocolate and Berrylicious Cross strap booties. They are too, too cute:)!

Stacey said…
Little Brother: "If you broke your arm in 2 places, what would you do?"

Boy: "I wouldn't go back to those 2 places, that's for sure!"

HAHAHAHA! Hope it made you laugh:)!

Lisa said…
Oh my heavens!!! How adorable is THAT!!! :) I follow you.
Lisa said…
I follow her. And I like her on FB.
Lisa said…
Blogged about it. :)
Oh and a funny joke. (Can you tell I wanna win? Wouldn't that stuff look super cute on Mr. Garrett???)
Hmm. Maybe in a few minutes I'll think of one!

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