Excite Me

Things that are making me happy right now:

A new season of The Doctor

The majority of 3 days spent outside in the sunshine

My energy is returning so slowly but surely thanks to tons of vitamins

Cinnamon rolls that I am making for breakfast tomorrow

But the thing I am mostly excited for is General Conference!


Keith is at the age where he listens to what goes on around him.  So much so that I have begun to be very careful of the media while he is in the room.  I have a game planned for him to listen and get treats, but he will be listening and that is the important thing.  Oh, and the fact that I get to hear from a living day prophet!  That is pretty cool as well. ;)

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Cheeseboy said…
LOVE the General Conference weekend. Almost as much as I'd love those cinimin rolls. Also, I have no idea how to spell cinimmon. And to think, I am a teacher.
Myya said…
Can I come over for breakfast???

Isn't it awesome & super scary when the littles start really paying attention to everything around them. My daughter has asked me about conversations I've had earlier in the day & I was shocked at how much she paid attention to.
Susan Anderson said…
I'm with you. Can't wait to listen to conference.

Unknown said…
Conference weekend is the best! We get bagels for Saturday morning and make cinnamon rolls for Sunday! Although, today I had a really hard time focusing on the talks. :(

The Doctor? Never heard of it. Enjoy your show!!
Emmy said…
Oh I think I might have to run to the store tonight as now I really want cinnamon rolls. I am not as cool as you though, I just do the tube, I don't make them :)

And yes conference weekend is the best
Lisa said…
I Love general conference! Did Keith watch or at least sit still so you could? Cuz my 2 SOOO didn't. Oh well. At least the Spirit was in the room... when I wasn't screaming at them. :)
Oh, and hooray for good weather... at least for a minute!
Lourie said…
Oooh! Recipe please!!!!! I was craving them babies. There was a sweet gal in our ward who made the BEST cinnamon rolls evah! I enjoyed conference. I had to watch it on my computer this round though. I got rid of some of my movie channels and changed my plan. In the process I lost the BYU channel! Booo! Great happy list!
Erin said…
Hey, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast Sunday morning!

And I have been hearing great things about Doctor Who. I should check it out.
Mireya said…
I bet those cinnamon rolls turned out awesome!
I hope you enjoyed conference. I started watching the new Dr. Who a couple of weeks ago on BBC America. It is a lot of fun. I didn't realize there was an old one. I always thought this was the version you talked about. Glad you are feeling better :)

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