The End of This Chapter

Last night the quiet of the house was heaven.

After a full day of the park, the library and the kids at their grandparents house while Jeffrey and I went up to take care of our rental house, lease signing, moving out inspection and repairs, we were all very tired.

The children were finally nestled into their dreams, and I sat with Jeffrey, my head resting on his shoulder, his hand caressing my arm, just visiting.

We talked about the children.  

We talked about school.

We talked about our rental house.

And our plans for the future.

As we sat thus, formulating plans and dreams, we had a rude awakening.

More so me.

Because Jeffrey is so calm and even keeled.  He balances me perfectly.

While I stress and worry, he is there to patiently and softly guide me through the storms of my frustrations and mostly imagined hardships.

Last night was a perfect example.

We received the news.

The dreaded and anticipated and longed for news.

And it came in the form of an email from a good friend.

And reality so impertinently jumped in and interrupted my little fairy tale that I am living.

This house.

This neighborhood.

This ward.

All so dreamy and wonderful and perfect.

We always knew we would not be here for ever.  We knew we would not even be here for long.  But it came too soon.

We created a very happy life here amidst the lilac bush and the cherry tree.  The covered patio with my reading nook so carefully placed.  Perfect for dinners on a warm evening, or dancing under the starlight.  The neighbors who have become dear friends, and the freedom of living on your own, doing what you want, when you want.

And it is all too quickly coming to a close.

Gary will be home soon.  We cannot say exactly, though we have a very good idea.

We are so excited to see Gary, and oh so relieved that he has been safe while over seas.  It has not been the same without him.

A homecoming party is in order, I think.

And with his return, brings our return to Jeffrey's parents house.  We are so grateful for them, and their kindness in allowing us to stay there until Jeffrey finds another job, and finishes school.  They are right across the street from a park, and live a 5 minute walk away from a beautiful hike.  They have a dog which Keith has adopted as his own.  And best of all, two grandparents and a great aunt who dote on my children as if they were the only kids in existence.  And also best of all, they have BBC America.  Which means I can watch all the Doctor Who I want.

But moving back brings an end to this lovely dream.  


And so I most likely will not be around much for the next week or two, possibly even three.

I may not have time to read emails, or blogs.

I will be focusing on cleaning, and dividing our belongings into four destination piles.





And then we will need to move Gary's things back into his house.

And organize a homecoming party for him.

So we will be very busy, and neglectful of the Great and Powerful Land of Blog.

I will post the winners of the Time Out Tuesday tomorrow, and the winner of the May Angel Star give away on May 1st.  Other then that, no promises until we are relocated and settled.


Unknown said…
Ahh, I'm sorry. Wish I was closer to help. Or at least watch your kids for a while. Good luck with everything! And I'm hear for ya if you need to "use" me. LOL! Hope to see you soon!!
Lisa said…
I'm so sorry! Do you need help? I'd gladly come down and help you out... but I'm not sure my children would be much help. Good luck!
Em said…
Hope you can make the best out of change:)
Noodle said…
The hard times make us appricate the good times all the more... I wish I could help more but as you know my life is just as crazy as yours... Here's to the CRAZY NESS and the FUN =)
Susan Anderson said…
Oh, dear. But it had to happen, right? And it's good that you are trying to focus on the positives of going back to your in-law's home for a bit.

Eventually, you will have a dream house all your own. And you should definitely put in a lilac bush and cherry tree.

And have a reading nook.

Jenny said…
Oh Amy. I love your positive attitude. You are a trooper! Make sure to send me your new address, Okay?

And if you want to leave the kids with me while you move, I'm soooo ready for that!

CB said…
Change is so hard but I think it can be an exciting adventure too. You are such a young family with so much ahead of you - I wish I could go back and relive one of those days when I was younger with the perspective that I have now - jsut to appreciate a little bit more the adventure. It bonds your marriage and your family and helps you grow.
It is a great blessing (even though it feels sad and hard at the time).
Can you tell I am a glass half full type a gal? Ha Ha

Have a great party and hope the move goes smoothly!
Emmy said…
So sorry it is over all ready :(. And good luck with the move never a fun process. You will be missed during the move
alpinekleins said…
I'll be thinking about you and all your busy-ness, hope the packing and moving goes well. I know what you mean, it's always hard to leave a good neighborhood with friends and families gathering around.

Best wishes!

We understand!!! Take your time moving girl! Hope it goes well!
Well I knew this was coming for you but I'm sad that it is so soon. I'm glad you have had such a lovely opportunity! Gary sounds like a TOTAL class act :)

One thing that has always amazed me is how much the Lord just really really takes care of you all! I have a feeling that he will send you some place even more lovely very soon.
Terra said…
Keeping you and your family in my thoughts! Hang in there...somehow, someway this move will bring more good things for you!
Lourie said…
:( Sorry you have to move. You will be missed while that is going on. Best of luck you and your sweet family.
Macey said…
Awww, but it will be good. It will!
See, every time a door closes, God opens a window. Don't look so longingly at the door that you miss the blessings from the window. :)
Everything happens for a reason.

I will miss you, and await your return!

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