Date Night

Sometimes a girl needs to go out.

Just get all dressed up, and pretty feeling, and get out of the house to be a woman, not a mommy.

Unfortunately, my husband is a home body.  He loves being home.  And getting him to leave the house is like pulling teeth from an alligator.  You have to be fast and tricky, or you may lose a hand.

Well, not the hand part, but I do have to trick him.  And it doesn't always work.

One night, I was in desperate need to get out of the house.  I just needed some me time without anyone hanging on my legs or demanding my attention.

I was discussing my woes with a friend, and as luck would have it, she too had a husband who was so busy, and such a homebody, she didn't get out very often.
So, Heather and I decided to do something about it!  We went out on a date with each other. 

Oh my goodness, it was so much fun!

We went to a small El Salvadorian restaurant for pupusas.  If you haven't enjoyed pupusas, you really haven't tasted life.  They are gorgeous!  We also had platanos fritos with frijoles and crema (translated, fried bananas, beans and cream).  Heather wasn't a fan of the bananas and beans, but I love them.  She said it was a texture thing for her.

We then went to Farr's for some ice cream and oogling everything in that store.  It is more than an ice cream shop. It is a little gift shop as well.  It has a little of everything, and Heather laughed and said I was just like a kid in a candy shop.  But I can't help myself.  Everything was so nostalgic, and you know I can't resist nostalgia!

We then went book browsing in...

wait for it

wait for it


Walmart!  Yep,  it was too late and everything else was closed, so we had not other choice, really.

It was so nice to get out without the kids, and have someone else put them to bed.  And a little girl time is always sought after!

And so, I have found the perfect solution.  When I am feeling neglected, and like I need to get out, I just need to call Heather, get dressed up, and within hours, I can be out on a date.  :)


Jenny said…
Good for you! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Your husband and kids are better off with you taking some time for yourself.
Luckily, my husband likes to go out. However, baby-sitters for 4 is kinda hard to come by. Lots of my girl friends are homebodies, too. I'm working on new friends to have some to go to when I need to get out.

And there is nothing wrong with Walmart... it's a completely different animal when children are not involved!
Sami said…
Luckily, my husband and I like to go out about the same amount, but I do tend to go out more than he does, simply because I love a good GNO! Even if it's just a run to the store, followed by picking up a treat with a friend, it seems to reviatlize me for another week.
We need that!
Being a mom is HARD!!!
Terra said…
CUTE. Glad you had fun!
Susan Anderson said…
I used to do that all the time. My husband was really cool about it.


PS. That yummy food and the sundae are killin' me!
Unknown said…
Love this idea! Too bad you aren't closer, I'd totally date you! ok, that came out wrong, but you know what I mean!
Gina said…
A girl date sounds amazing!
Familia Morales said…
Nice! Way to take the bull by the horns. Love pupusas, not the fried platanos (I'm not a banana fan anyway) and Love Love LOVE that you ended up at Walmart.
Lourie said…! Good for you getting out.
Em said…
my favorite nights are when bree and i go to cheesecake factory at 9:30pm when all the kids are in bed and the free babysitters (aka dad) are at home. once a week my friend, once a week!:)
Heather said…
best date I have had in a long time! Thanks again- let's make sure we do it again and again!
Lisa said…
We moms NEED that! Hooray for you for getting out! Oh, and my hubby and I still go cruise WalMart on our dates (as do my friends and I on girls night out). What fun!
Myya said…
Oooohhhh how I wish my hubby came home from work a little earlier so that I could tag him & just leave. Lately the girls have been overwhelming & I soooo would love a little me time! Sadly I am going to take what I can get which means crossing my fingers that he gets home early enough tonight that I can go to WalMart & get stuff for the girls Easter Baskets. Sad that a little WalMart time alone will make me ohhh so happy. LOL
My husband and I always reach an impasse too. He works so he wants to be home on his time off. I am always home so I want out. I need to find me a IRL friend that will "date" me. haha

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