Bittersweet Cutting

Friday Keith's hair was a mess.  He had been to visit Ralph the Hairdresser.

That is what my Dad would say when we woke up with a rat's nest in our hair.  That or monsters had been sucking on our heads.

Either way, Keith's hair was out of control.

And so, rather than stop for the two minutes it takes to comb his hair, I took him to the Barber.

The last time we had gone it hadn't been pretty.  I was 8 months pregnant, and Keith was squirming and screaming.  Mike the barber gave him a sucker, but it immediately got hair all over it, and holding him down, holding him still while Mike worked was hard work.

I don't know if I will ever forget those screams.

Which is why it had been nearly two years since he had a real hair cut.  Mine usually end up slightly funny looking.  I try, but don't always succeed.

Now, he looks awesome.

He told the lady he wanted his hair like Iron Man.  I told her I wanted it Missionary cut.  She tried to please us both.  I think Keith is the happier of the two of us.  It is a little too short for my taste, but it still looks good.  And now, he is one tasty little morsel!

Saturday the sun decided to grace us with its presence.

I ventured outside, pulled out the lawn mower, and went to town.

It was looking like the Amazon decided to move to my yard.

During the never ending winter months, I had missed the smell of freshly cut grass.  The hot sun on my back as I pushed the mower.  I missed the sweat trickling down my face as I soaked in the moment.  Truth be told, I really enjoy lawn mowing.  It is a time where I can be alone with my thoughts, and not feel guilty because I am actually doing something productive.

The first lawn mow of the season, and it was perfect.

While I was out there, I decided to plant a few more flowers, and dead head the lilac bush.

It was just me, the earth, and the plants in the purple twilight.

I felt so alive, and so happy to be sprucing up the yard.

Evidently, the mosquitos were happy I was out as well.  I counted 15 bites on my legs.

How is that fair?  Mosquitos are out already, and we have barely had any sun!

In other news, today is Jeffrey's last day.  I think I have mentioned that before.  It is a very bittersweet day.  I will be so happy to have Jeffrey around more, but man alive, that boy messes up the routine!  I have a hard time getting everything done when he is home.  The kids want to play with him and all chores are disregarded when Daddy is around.  It makes it hard.  For both of us!  He tries to do homework, but it isn't very easy with little hands and feet trying to play on his lap, hitting the keyboard, and distracting him.  But we will manage.  And I will love having him around more.  That is the best part of all.

Also, yesterday we heard from our friend Gary.  The owner of this house.  He has been over seas with the military for the past year.  They just got moved to temporary quarters, waiting for their replacements before they can come home.  I must say, that is also bittersweet.  We are excited to see him again.  We really have missed him a lot.  On the other hand, I DON"T want to move.  I love this area, I love the yard, I love the ward we are in.  When he bought his house, I don't think he realized what an amazing area it is.  I never knew what an amazing area it was until moving here.  So sad that our time here is coming to a close.

And so, we are going to start packing up the things we don't use regularly.  Getting it all packed and moved to our shed so we can be out the day before he gets here, with very little stress.  The good news is it means major de-junking time.  I love de-junking.  It is a little hard because my husband is a major packrat.  But I am seriously tired of moving junk from one place to another.  So, we are going to be busy the next month or so.  Sigh.  I guess it is true when they say nothing is so good it lasts forever.


Trish said…
I gave my son another little haircut on our vacation but his curls are still there, so don't worry! Heh, heh... People still call him a girl and I don't care because he's my cute little buddy!
So where are you guys moving to? We aren't sure exactly what/where we are going to do next. We want to get some land here and an affordable house...well I guess we'll just see what happens!

Btw I loved your last post, I was just in a hurry so didn't get to comment on it! That would be so cute if it happened to me!
That's funny because this weekend my husband tried to cut my 2 year old sons hair...WOW my son first wanted my hubby to cut the hair then when he actually did...wasn't having it anymore....threw a fit! We ended up going to the hairdresser because he does amazingly well there! LOL She finished the job.
Our grass needs to be mowed, but first the mower needs to be fixed!! And good luck on the moving and getting rid of junk! I hate moving junk as well so I would much rather throw it out!
a man said…
sean mowed the lawn while i was gone!!! i was SO excited:)
I'm so jealous you only cut Keith's hair so often. I have to get Harm every 6 wks or he has a blonde afro! I do it at home along with Chris and Mackenzie's (the dog) hair. If saves us a lot of money. unfortunately every looks like they are were attacked by a lawn mower.
Familia Morales said…
I love mowing the yard. Better than indoor housework to me. Until it gets unbearably hot. And completely agree with the hubbers being home--there is no routine on the weekends when daddy is here. Enjoy it while it lasts. And yay for de-junking! Such a wonderful feeling. Good luck with the packing and getting ready to move. I'd come over and pack a box with you if I could.
Unknown said…
I so know what you mean by daddy messes up the routine. Mine does. I love it when he is home, but really, just stop messing everything up!
Good luck with the job hunt and house hunt. That is so hard.
And I love the smell of freshly cut grass! Just a little bit jealous that you got that already!
Susan Anderson said…
It must have felt pretty great to be out i the yard like that!

Spring is in the air!

I love lawn mowing too! You describe it so well, I almost felt like I was there with you instead of stuck in the house watching the rain drizzle down the window panes...really not half bad either.
Sami said…
Such big changes coming your way! Seems like you're handling it all in stride.
Good for you, friend!
Oh, and I LOVE the smell of freshly cut grass!
Myya said…
What a cute lil man you've got, seriously he is a doll.

Ohhh man the moving thing is a BUMMER!!! So what do you guys do, will you rent? Is there a house in that same area that you can rent? How great would it be if you got to stay around there!

Good luck! :)
Gina said…
My little man is Iron Man obsessed too. Too funny.
Terra said…
Oh man, you have a ton going on. De-junking is good but...the bittersweet part...I get it. Totally.
Lourie said…
I don't cut hair. It isn't pretty. But I remember how my son screamed and squirmed the first couple of times. Horrible. Now he sits.
Lisa said…
So where are you going? Might I suggest coming my direction? ;-) Keith is a stud! And good for you for getting out in the sun and enjoying it!

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