Yesterday's Adventure

Every day is a surprise.  Some are wonderful, some are absolutely horrendous.  I love the adventure of waking up, discovering what kind of day it will be, and trying to mold it into a delightful adventure.

I woke up yesterday with that in my mind.  The sky was heavy, threatening a wonderfully intense storm.  I gathered up the children, picked up my mother, and we all went for a scrumptious hike.

The whole time the heavens, pregnant with a storm that would later cause some severe flooding teasingly spat on us, reminding us that we needed to hurry.  But it was so worth it.  As all hikes are.

Later that day I received a phone call from our friend Shem.  He was having a miserable day.  So we decided to drop the kids off with their grandparents and join him, trying to help and cheer as much as we could.

I drove to Jeffrey's work and sat in the silence of the car, listening to the staccato of the rain, playing on the metal above me.  That is one of my favorite sounds ever.  When Jeffrey finally came out, we decided to do something about the tires.  We used to get about 40 mpg, but recently we were lucky to get 27 mpg.  Before picking him up I had checked the pressure and it said it was at 14 psi.  It should have been at 32 psi.  Not good.  I am so excited to have the car in working order, finally!

We headed out to meet up with Shem, and oh my goodness, what a fun night!  We spent a good three hours visiting.  The conversation topic ranging from Norse mythology, to movies, to friendships.  We laughed good and long, and when the time to go was upon us, we left reluctantly.

We put the kids to bed, late, and then I set about preparing for the next day's festivities.  I was tired and didn't want to leave foot prints through the house,  but I knew that Keith is finally old enough to play along, so I had to.

As I collapsed into bed, the rain no longer whispering to me having been replaced  by wind, I was happy.  It had been a good day.


We must be getting your yesterday weather today.

Today I want to hike so badly. Pack the baby up in the little carrier (though she is probably too small) and hike to beautiful vistas of the New England hills, clear my head and my heart. But I think it is going to have to wait. I'll live vicariously through your post!
CB said…
A hike sounds wonderful! I cannot wait to have some time to do that.

I love the way you described your day - it all sounds lovely!
Susan Anderson said…
I especially love these pictures of the children. The first one of Keith shows his intelligence. The next two, his tenderness.

And Faye is beginning to look like a deep thinker, too, in picture no. 2.

You are blessed!

Emmy said…
Oh a hike does sound wonderful. And so nice that you were able to be there for a friend.
Lisa said…
What a beautiful day!!! Glad you enjoyed it!

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