Strawberries Made Me Landscape

Last night Jeffrey and I were talking about what we want out of life.  He thought it very odd that I just want to live a simple day right out of the Dick and Jane books.  You know, the mother is always in the background baking cookies or sewing clothes.  Awesome stuff like that.

Today I lived that day.

I had seven pounds of strawberries that needed to be taken care of.  While Faye napped, Keith and I listened to some Iz and cut up strawberries and prepared them for the freezer.
Faye woke up and we ate lunch.  Snow peas.  Yum!

We then went outside to bury the scraps of strawberries.  Either strawberries would grow from the seeds, or they would fertilize the ground.  Win win.
The burying turned into a massive yard overhaul.  I cleaned out all the flower beds, and even created a new one.  There were paver stones along the walk up to the door that were just random and in the way and odd looking.  I hated them.  My good friend Leslie came by and suggested I tear them out and turn it into a new flower bed.  And we did!  I could never have gotten it all cleaned out and cleaned up before Jeffrey got home were it not for her.  She is a lifesaver.
Five hours and extremely sore muscles later, my yard is looking smokin hot.
Tomorrow I will add fertilizer to the front yard as it is supposed to snow on Thursday, and the fertilizer will have a great chance to soak in and really get things ready for the summer.

I want it to be perfect for the return of Gary, the owner. 

Moving along, we went inside, had an awesome dinner, complete with pie, and then the day ended with stories for the kids.  Once they were in bed, I treated myself to a long soak in the tub and yoga so that I am not dying in the morning from super sore muscles.

Blissfully living the dream.

I am happy.

Life is sweet.


Laura said…
Those strawberries look SO yummy! I can't wait until we can get some good fruits and veggies again, Winter is not good for that here. Love the landscaping, way to go!
Susan Anderson said…
What a classic, old-school day.

Thanks for sharing it.

Amy. Your blog is soooooo cute! I have been trying to get a hold of you forever, but all my old contact info is out of date. Can you please call me (801)458-0636, or e-mail me Thanks! This is Conni by the way :)
Em said…
You're doing it!!! Living the dream!!!:) best feeling. Can i plant strawberries now or should I wait?
Lourie said…
Strawberries....Yummmmmmm. I love those. And yeah, the simpler life is nice once in a while. ;)
Wow, all of this is so cool. I look at dirt and I just think... hmm... I don't like dirt. I'm glad Chris is good at yard stuff b/c if he wasn't we would live in a downtown high rise condo... or a wasteland of dirt never to be touched.
Terra said…
Sweet as a berry? Love this! I am anxious to get the garden growing this summer!!!
Emmy said…
You seriously do live this 50's fairy tale life, it is awesome.
Great job, looks good!
Lisa said…
Wow! 1 post you're dying sick... and the next you're overhauling your yard! You are my hero! :) And I'm so hiring you to come do MY yard! :)
Darlene said…
What a busy day! Strawberries and yard work. It looks like you did a great job on the yard. You must have gotten your energy back. Just don't overdo it. I love that you let Keith help you with the strawberries. My son, Rich, was a really good helper in the kitchen and to this day, he is really good in the kitchen. None of my daughters really likes to cook, but my only son is not only a great cook, he is a great baker! I attribute this to the fact that he really loved helping me as he was growing up. When he was ten he could knead up a batch of bread almost as well as I could. Keep up that good training!

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