Smoother Than A Baby's Bottom

Another dream day.

I am getting good at this!

My New Years Resolution was to create more magic for the kids.  In so doing, I have been living my dream.

Who knew?

We woke up to thunder.  Right then I knew it was going to be a good day.  I love lightening and thunder.

Today I did laundry.  I checked the weather report and saw that there was going to be a good four hour slot of sunshine, so, of course, the clothes were hung out on the line to dry.  I love the smell of air fresh laundry, and the air was perfect.  It smelled of freshness and dirt and plants.  The wind was blowing lightly but it wasn't cold.  Everything was perfect for line drying.  The sun even came out right after I got everything up.  I don't think I could have planned it better.

After lunch Keith took his nap.  Faye decided she wanted to use the potty, so to humor her, I took off her diaper, and we went into the bathroom.  She sat down.  She got up.  She sat down.  she got up.  That went on for a little while.  Finally, I found an awesome surprise on the floor.
Look close.  Can you see the surprise?

Here's a close up.
 She is getting dangerously close to potty training.  And that means no more poopy diapers.  I feel a celebration coming on!

After that, she refused the diaper (again, celebration is a-coming).  I figured since she had just peed, it wouldn't matter.  I would be safe.  I let her run around playing without it.  She couldn't have been happier. 

After she played for a little while, Faye climbed into my lap and just snuggled.  I wrapped my arms around her, buried my face in her hair and patted her bum.  I always pat her bum.  She gets bum squeezes right after I tuck her in because I can't lean over the crib railing to kiss her.  So I pat her diapered bum.  This time, I was amazed at how soft her bum is. Without the diaper, I mean.  So soft and squishy, and cuddle-able.  And she just wanted to cuddle.  It was bliss.

After a few minutes of snuggling, the little munchkin tooted.  That got the diaper on her faster than she can find sweets in a five foot vicinity.  And that girl has a serious sweet radar.  She gets it from her mom.

She was diapered.  And then she cuddled again.

A lot.

She just snuggled into my shoulder.  And then, she fell asleep cuddling.

She hasn't done that since she was just a few months old!  I debated for a while, and finally decided to just enjoy the moment.  I was going to hold her until either she or Keith woke up.  I held her and breathed the moment in.  Who knows how many more times she will sleep in my arms.  As I looked at her, I was shocked.  I couldn't believe how big she is getting.
She is huge!  Her head, her face, her eyes, everything.  I was blown away.  And I am not just saying that.  I really was astounded.  My little girl is no longer a baby.  For her birthday (in November) she was given a pair of pants.  They were about two inches too long.  I put them on her today, and they are the perfect size.  When did that happen?  Again, she is so big now.

As I held her and marveled at her perfectness, and her hugeness, I glanced out the window.  It was starting to rain.  An hour earlier than it was supposed to.  I had to get Faye to bed fast so I could get the clothes off the clothesline.  I was a little sad about putting her down.  But, going in her room woke Keith up, and he wasn't very quite about getting up, which woke Faye up.


After we got the clothes inside (they were dry!) we finally made cookies.  I have been promising Keith we could make cookies for a few days. I had just been waiting for a good cloudy/rainy day to do it.  Today was perfect.
Frosting them was even more fun.  It made us feel like Spring was that much closer.
I even made a special one for Jeffrey.
I can't take credit for that idea.  My sister made lingerie cookies for her husband for Valentine's Day.  Jeffrey did love it, though.

After delivering some cookies to our friends, Keith decided to stay and play.  So I got some more Fay time.  That girl is crazy.  She pulled out a hat and posed as Dumb Donald.

Uncanny resemblance, hu?

She then commenced to eat the red frosting while I wasn't watching.  She makes me laugh.  Gosh, I love that girl.  When Keith got home, we made some rolls for dinner, and as they were going in the oven Jeffrey got home.

After dinner, I read to the kids, and before I knew it, Jeffrey came in telling me it was nine.  I had been reading to them for an hour.  I was astounded.  Time really does fly when you are having fun, and they are the most fun you could ever have.

All in all, today was a day that was a lot like Faye's bottom.



Your blog made me want to cry... Harm is no where near Potty Training :( I have 3 kids in diapers and no hope...

Anyhow what a wonderful day (and yummy cookies)... it goes too fast!
Em said…
I'm beginning to think that I might be potty training max and Brennan at the same time. No really, I'm serious.
Terra said…
Oh wow, what a powerful post. I believe a lot of is in the attitude and well yours, my friend, is amazing right now.
Crystal Collier said…
=) You make me smile. Involuntarily. anyway, this is for you:
Breathe in the smells. Remember what I once wrote about opening a pack of diapers? I feel so lucky (albeit tired!) to get to do it all again. T minus 2 years and 10 months til potty training.
Chantel said…
Avy's potty training now and I thought the same thing the other day, I'll soon be out of diapers. Makes me really sad since we wanted more kids... oh well. You're blog always makes me smile.
Veronica said…
What a wonderful gift of a day! So much time spent making beautiful memories with your little ones.

Love this and the pictures documenting everything too :)
Heather said…
we had a good day too. good days are indeed grand. :0) wasn't it lovely out today? oh spring hurry and get here!
Lisa said…
What a great day! Thanks for sharing!
Pizazzle said…
I'm thinking/hoping Parker is getting ready to potty train too! I think you might be a Type 1 after all!
Darlene said…
I don't understand this. I just tried to leave a very very long post and it just went away. This happened once before. I am so sorry Amy because I love to read your blog and I also love to comment but I just don't have it in me to try to recapture what I wrote. (It was all complementary) You don't have to print this if you don't want to. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.
Emmy said…
That is so awesome that she is so interested, hopefully she will be like Alex, she just wanted to be like her big brother and practically did it herself.

And what a sweet sweet post; you my friend are a great advocate for stay at home moms and just enjoying motherhood.

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