Thursday, March 17, 2011

Punching Leprechauns

It was like Christmas morning when the kids woke up.  Keith got out of bed, came into our room and announced that he needed to use the bathroom.  With that morning greeting, who could even think of going back to sleep?

I jumped up, got dressed, and hurried so I could be there when he made the discovery.  He was too quick for me.

"Mom!  Who left dirty footprints all through your house?  Someone was here and they left a mess."


I laughed to myself as I set about opening curtains to welcome the snowless (yay!) day.  In the bright morning light, it was easy to see, an intruder had been in the house, and left a bit of a trail, incriminating them.

I told Keith that everything Leprechauns touched turned green.  That is why we had green eggs and green milk for our cereal.  The cereal the leprechaun left.


Around lunch time some of Keith's friends came by and they all went on a hunt for that messy leprechaun.

He was too tricky for them!  But they did fit a stash of loot buried in the living room.


After naps, it was too warm not to go out and play.  Spring is in the air, and we are all soo happy!

I made an Irish dinner (Irish Stew, soda bread, Irish champ, and ginger ale since we don't drink beer.) and it was scrumptious.

All this fun and festivity gave me pause.  I have so much fun with theme days, I really ought to do them more often.  At least once a month.   But that may be too much.  Who knows.

Keith did have me laughing today (as usual).  Poor little guy.  He got a little mixed up today.  He didn't want to get punched for not wearing green, and he doesn't like violent movies where guys pinch each other.   

I hope you didn't get punched!

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