My Romance With an Ember

I am an optimist.


I mean, I can play the Pollyanna Game better than Pollyanna ever cold.

I play unintentionally.  All the time.

Sometimes I wonder if I take it a little too far, though.

Jeffrey is sick.  Did I mention that?
Now, I feel a little odd mentioning this, but I am extremely happy about one aspect of him being sick.  In fact, I sort of don't want him to get better from this one thing.

I have my own personal heater in bed with me.

When I get cold, I can just snuggle on up to him, and it is like hugging an ember, all toasty warm.
Does that make me a bad wife?


Terra said…
well, it made me laugh...
I always put my cold feet on Chris' feet to warm them. Men are snuggly but I tell you I HATE it when Chris is sick. He is whinier than the kids :p

How are you feeling? Are you over it?
Susan Anderson said…
I agree with Terra. It makes you a funny wife.

Darlene said…
I hate it when Dick gets sick, so I know how you must really feel. Too bad Jeffrey had to catch the cold that everyone seems to be having lately. Dick came home and gave his to me. He got over his in five days and it took me two weeks. Doesn't seem fair. I actually put my cold feet on him quite a lot, but he won't let me snuggle up to him. He says it makes him too hot. Oh well.
Lourie said…
My husband is always a heater. And when I was younger that was def a good thing. Once you get past 30 though, it is the battle of the thermostat! haha. I say, let him warm you, and when he is done being sick you can still cuddle up to him. And it just might be more fun. ;)
Emmy said…
Lol, poor guy :) I can't stand cuddling in bed as Eric falls asleep in three seconds and twitches a bit while sleeping leaving me wide awake :)
Jenny said…
I can think I can do you one worse. I think sick babies look adorable with those flushed pink cheeks.

I hope you all get better soon.
Em said…
the only thing that gets me into bed some nights is that i know sean is a human heater waiting to warm me up:)

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