Friday, March 18, 2011

My Day In Emails

A typical day in the life of Amy.  Jeffrey and I email all day since he sometimes gets bored with the monotony of work. Today was a bit entertaining.  Enjoy.

Amy: "Oh Great Galactic Destroyer, (Jeffrey's name choice for himself when we communicate through email.  I always use it with a hint of mockery)

You are hereby notified that you are being put on towel probation.  Your negligent use of towels has come to the attention of The Mighty House Keeper and she asked me to notify you.  If any more towels are found to be discarded in a wet heap on the floor, you will have to drip dry.  She said she is
being reasonable, and has asked you herself many times to remedy the problem.  Your blatant disregard to all things towel have angered her.  I appeased her and beseeched she give you one last chance.  With anger seething in her eyes she reluctantly agreed, but said this is the last time.  So, Glactic Destroyer, though you are the conquistador of the universe, you still have to listen to her and keep her happy if you want any clean towels to adorn your wet and dripping body when you emerge from the shower.  That is all. 
~Empress of All"

Jeffrey:"Let the war of the wet towel begin!"

Much later:
Amy:"Well, I never did get a bath... or nap.  Keith went into his room and yelled "Close your eyes, Faye!  Stop looking at me.  Go back to sleep!  Mo-o-o--m!  Faye is not sleeping."  So of course she was wide awake by the time he finished.  Keith said I could take a nap while he cleaned the house, but that was a long time ago and all that has been done is him coming in to check on me every two minutes, and making up a rather bluesy song.  "Mommy's so tired (na ne nah nah neh-a!), She can't get no sleep (na ne nah nah nah)But now that I'm a big boy (na ne nah nah neh-a)The house is gonna be clea-ea-ean!"  I sang back up vocals.  It should be going platinum soon.  It's a great song.  Unfortunately, singing blues wont get anything done, no matter how brilliantly sung.  The boy certainly has a future there if he wants it.

Sigh. Good thing the day is nearly over, and my bed awaits.

As a reminder, please head over Heather's auction for Japan.  The blankets are beautiful, and all proceeds will be given to Japan.


Susan Anderson said...



Em said...

This is officially my favorite blog post of yours of all time. Bahahahaha, HILARIOUS!!!

Lisa said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! I love it! I wish my hubby had a chance to have email days like this!

Heather said...

Oh how that so sounds like something my husband would/does do. MEN. What else can I say? Thanks for the shout out!

Jenny said...

Ok, you totally cracked me up here.

On this perfect post, I am finally going to leave the computer and go get coffee!

Good morning!

You are so neat!

Alicia said...

That's totally creative. Way to go! p.s. I somehow lost your email address, but I think I remembered it correctly when I sent the invite. If you didn't get it, then you should let me know because that means I sent it to the wrong place. :/

Emmy said...

Lol! That is awsome! You should call him GDD for short especially all caps like that he might misread it and think you are really amazed by him ;)

Francisca and Chris said...

You 2 are 2 cute and 2 sweet and of course just a little silly ;)

Lourie said...

HAhahaha! You guys are sooo funny. My husband I chat throughout the day via yahoo chat.

I love LOVE Keith's creative side. hahaha. Too cute.

Mamarazzi said... your relationship. hilarious!