Monkey's Jumping on the Bed


It felt like my eyes had just closed, and I had only been entering the Land of Nod when he scream jarred me awake.

"Is it Faye or Keith?" I groggily asked.

"Keith, I think." Jeffrey sleepily answered.

It was relevant.  If Faye had been awake, she could possibly be ignored, depending on the frequency and strength of her cry.  If it were Keith, he would undoubtedly awaken his sister and so had to be helped immediately.

I slipped out of bed and tripped my way into the kids' room.  Keith was sitting up with his back to the wall, facing backwards.  He was freezing, and still half asleep.  I scooped him up and brought him back to our bed to warm up. 

I asked him about his bad dream, but he had already forgotten about it.  I promptly fell asleep until Keith, all toasty warm again, kicked me.  I got up, intent on depositing him back in his bed so I could return to my own.  By some chance, I glanced at his face and something looked wrong.  I turned on the light and saw blood smeared all over his face.


Another scream from the childrens' room.

All the commotion had awakened Faye.

Jeffrey was in charge of Keith duty, and I got Faye, put her in our bed because I was so tired and didn't want to pace the hall in order to get her back to sleep. 

As she and I were cuddled in my bed, slowly drifting back to sleep when we heard Jeffrey carrying Keith down the hall.

"Keith, do you want to come back to Mommy and Daddy's bed?"
"Are you sure?"
"No, I don't want to."
"But you can.  Come sleep with Mommy and Daddy, okay?"
"No, I just want my bed.":

So Jeffrey didn't listen to Keith, and brought him back to our bed anyway.  Silly boy.  Faye loved laying next to her brother.  She began touching his face, stroking his hair, poking his eye, and what with one thing leading to another, Faye ended up jumping on the bed, then jumping on both her brother and father.  I was tired so told Jeffrey he got the privilege of dealing with it since he brought Keith to bed.

It was a tiring night.

But yesterday was awesome despite my lack of sleep.  I went to my favorite store for Faye.  It is called "My- sister -in -law's- house- for- her- daughter's- hand- me- downs."  She got some awesomely cute clothes.  Thanks again, Ashlee!


Mamarazzi said…
wait. did you say why he was covered in blood? i double checked, i don't think you said.

my sister loved getting all of my daughter's hand me downs.
Lisa said…
I LOVE that store! I shop there for both my daughter AND my younger son! :) And sounds like an awful night. I'm so sorry!
Emmy said…
Wait so where did the blood come from? Did he have a bloody nose? did you say that and I missed it as it is late and my eyes are getting sleepy?
Em said…
We love hand me downs in our house too. The best. I am so scared for when our kids have to share a room.
That sounds like a great store ;)

Harm has night terrors so we have a lot of rough nights at our house. All I can say is thank Heaven's for weekend catch up on the Zzzzz's.
Terra said…
oh, the middle of the nights can be so hard! Especially when you are awoken at the exact wrong time, when you are in your deepest sleep, and frankly can't even remember how to stand up let alone how to get to there rooms - the good news (well, maybe its not good news) is it won't be long till they wake you up from the side of your bed and you open your eyes from that deep deep sleep heart pounding ready to pounce because there's someone in your room and you haven't quite figured out who yet!....Ok, that only happened once, but seriously the girls come to me in the night which is nice because most of them you can just hug them, send them to the potty and they will wonder back to bed - meaning you don't even have to breach your covers!!!
Susan Anderson said…
Don't you love hand-me-downs?


PS. Hope you get some sleep tonight!
Lourie said…
I am guessing he was okay despite the blood. Poor guy. I was griping because my son woke me up at 3 this morning wide-eyed and ready to play. I told him no. He was pretty insistent on playing. *sigh* kids.
Myya said…
Blood? What the heck happend to Keith? Is he ok?
Silly Daddy... they so don't know any better do they! Hubs has done it to me on numerous occasions with our girls & mine do the same exact thing as Faye did... they get all giddy & excited that sissy is sleeping with them. Sooo glad that they (for the most part) have started staying in their own beds more often.
Myya said…
Ooohhhh & hand-me-downs... Gotta LOOOVE those!!!

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