Keithos The Great

Since yesterday was all about Faye, to be fair today should be all about Keith.

He has been making me laugh a lot lately. 

The other day I was straightening up the house when Keith ran up to me, kicked me, and ran away.

I chased after him, caught him, and demanded to know why I had been victim of a kick and run.

"I got confused!"  He exclaimed.

I had to leave the room to laugh, so I quickly put him in time out after explaining kicking is never acceptable.  I left and nearly collapsed with gut wrenching mirth.  What a funny boy!

Lately his favorite thing to do is play Sacrament Meeting.  We all sit quietly, he says a prayer, and then pretends to pass out the sacrament.  I figure it is a good teaching opportunity to help him understand what the bread and water symbolize.  It makes my heart proud to know he is actually paying attention.  Also, his favorite song right now is Follow The Prophet, specifically the verse about Jonah. 

Thursday, while shopping with Faye for shoes I left Jeffrey home with Keith.  When I returned, Keith was very excited, talking about the picture he painted.  I didn't really pay attention (bad mom moment) and went about doing something.  I don't even remember what.  When I headed into the kitchen, I saw blue finger paint all over.  The floor, the table cloth, the faucet, the fridge.  He was so proud of himself.  When I asked Jeffrey why he made such a mess, Jeffrey had no idea what I was talking about.  Keith is a very self reliant boy.

I especially love how he thinks about and takes care of his little sister.  Every morning, he wakes up, sneaks out of his room, gets some bread and fruit, goes back into his room, climbs into Faye's crib, and they feast.  I rarely have to give them breakfast anymore because he is so quiet about it, we don't wake up!  It is awfully nice, but I feel terribly guilty about it at the same time.  I never have to get him a drink anymore because he helps himself. 

He has lately taken to asking "Am I cool, Mom?"  I tell him a thousand times yes.  And then he asks me to tell him how smart or how handsome he is.  I am guessing he is very self aware.  What a responsible and sweet boy he is.

However, he is the drama queen of the family.  I am not sure if it is the age or the temperament, but Faye is a chill as can be, whereas Keith dramatizes everything.  The funniest part is, when Faye was crying a few days ago, he patted her on the back, said "Faye, don't cry.  Crying doesn't get you anything."  Evidently one of Jeffrey's talks worked!  Now when he cries we ask him why he is crying and he will say "Because I am."  And when we ask him what crying gets him, with big fat tears streaming down his face, his nose scrunched up and his mouth twisted into a ginormous frown he will saw "n-n-n-nothing."  Drama drama drama!

 But we wouldn't have it any other way.  (Cheesy, I know, but oh so true.)


Terra said…
that last photo is the sweetest ever! I love the kick and run...and he was confused? Too funny!!
Jenny said…
Awwww....I need me some littler grandbabies in the family. I'm depressed now at all this cuteness.
Noodle said…
Sammy and Keith are so alike in some ways... They crack me up..."I was confused"... Sammy will be mean to me or ally and when I ask why... She shurgs her shoulders and says..."Mommy you and Ally are frustrating me"... They are getting so smart!
Susan Anderson said…
Reading this has made me think my blog-reading may be turning me into a neurotic. The first thing I did was start worrying about Keith feeding Faye fruit in the morning. I've read so many posts about choking dangers lately that it made me uneasy.

When I was younger, I don't think I'd have even thought twice about it.

Lisa said…
HILARIOUS! What a funny boy!!!
Myya said…
What a sweet boy indeed! I love the pics of him & Faith together. He is definitely going to take care of his little sister.

So did you get a picture of his beautiful blue artwork all over the kitchen before you cleaned it up??? :)
Em said…
oh man, so cute. although when brennan climbs into max's crib i put him in timeout b/c he is waking her up!!! she goes to bed earlier and wakes up later. i LOVE her sleeping habbits. wish brennan would do the same, but he has my bad sleep habbits. late to bed, early to rise. tired all day:)

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