Monday, March 7, 2011

The Spring Snow

A fleeting storm was raging outside.

I say fleeting because spring snowstorms only stay for a short while. 

The house was dark, and the children were tucked deep into their dreams.  All their excuses to stay awake were used up. 

I opened the curtains, turned off all the lights, and collapsed into Jeffrey's yarns.  He tells some of the best stories imaginable.  We sat alone, watching the snow flutter to the ground.  A car would occasionally rush around the corner, sliding, nearly hitting our mailbox.

We talked about our future.  Our hopes and dreams, and the reality of our lives.

As a small child, as long as I can remember, I have loved watching storms.  I love seeing the world slowly wrapped into a blanket of white fluff.  Night storms are some of the best.  Even with the darkness, there is a luminosity as they float around in the air.  There is a surreal glow to the world that I have always been in love with.  I used to pop popcorn, turn off the lights in the house, and snuggle up to the window enveloped in my blanket, the night and my thoughts.

Now, snowstorms are even better.  I still either have my popcorn or a big mug of cocoa, but now, instead of a blanket, I get to cuddle up to my favorite person in the world.  My safety net, my blanket of a man.

We get to talk, together, about the thoughts rumbling around in our heads.  Tonight we talked about a dream I had last night.  I was somehow trapped in East Berlin.  Pre 1989.  It was very weird.  But it didn't matter.  I had someone to share my thoughts with.  I had someone to share the moment with.

This is why being married is so great.  This is why marrying my best friend was probably the best thing I have ever done.  This is why snowy nights are still some of my favorite.

And so, nights like tonight, I rush to put the children to bed.  Just so I can turn out the lights and live in the moment.


Confessions of a PTO Mom said...


Susan Anderson said...

Loved reading this lovely and moody little piece. I could imagine it very well, thanks to your writing.



Em said...

The thing I love the most about living ABOVE ground, after basement life for three years, is all of the windows during a storm. And when the sun comes in. And seeing the garbage man come. I just love living above ground!!! Lol. But the snow storms with all of the windows. Heaven.

Emmy said...

Yes beautiful. Okay you seriously have to stop though or I might just start liking snow again :)

Jenny said...

I love this Amy. I hope this means you are on the mend finally.

Darlene said...

I still say you are a great writer. I could just imagine myself in this little drama. I would love it as long as I could be warm and cozy on the inside.

We love to just turn out the lights, put on some sweet soft music and just chill out. We also get lots of conversation in. We have done this since our lights went out one night a few years ago. It was off until the next day, so we had a lot of time. We played music on our battery powered radio and just truly enjoyed the evening. Have loved doing it ever since.

Sounds like Jeffrey made a pretty good recovery, at least I hope he did, along with the rest of you.

Lisa said...

That is the best. Good for you for slowing down life and enjoying simple things. :)

Terra said...

Beautiful, in every way!!!

Francisca and Chris said...

Aww, I love magical moments like that with my spouse!