The Fayest (fairest) in The Land

Oh so tired.  It must be all this rain and snow we are getting.  I think my body has gone back into hibernation mode.  It just wants to sleep the rest of this winter away.  That darn groundhog was all full of mischief raising my hopes like that.


Hopefully I will get over this blasted sleepiness that is plaguing me.

But it probably doesn't help that Faye is sick and waking up several times a night.

I don't mind, though.  She is so cute, I love every second I get with her.

Thursday I took her shoe shopping.  The poor girl.  She has a high instep, and very chubby little feet.  The combination of those two sent me to seven different shoe stores.  Seven!  They don't really make shoes in her size.  It was exhausting.  But its a good thing she loves shoes so much.  She was having the time of her life.
As I was leaving the mall, I had a last minute thought to try one more store.  I took her up and guess what?  Every single shoe in that store fit her!  I couldn't believe it.  I didn't have to settle for whatever would fit, she actually got some cute shoes.  I am happy and she is happy.

As I was taking her to the checkout, a girl who works there saw little Faye, and just gushed.  Seriously, she went on and on about how cute Faye is, and how she has never seen a baby as cute as that little one.  Granted, she was super styling that day with a darling poncho and her flower in her hair, but it sure made my day.  The girl asked if a lot of people comment on how darling she is.  Unfortunately, they don't!  She couldn't believe it.  As I was paying for the shoes (which I got a bargain on because there was white stuff on the side... which washed right off when I got them home.  I love deals!), she even offered to babysit anytime I might want because Faye is the cutest baby she has ever seen.  I laughed.  We both knew I would never ask a stranger to babysit for my precious girl, but it sure made me feel good to know someone else sees what I see in that little girl.

I took her to the Sweet Tooth Fairy afterwards for a reward for being so good, and because I was exhausted.  And oh my goodness, that place is to die for!  I like cookies.  But compared to what I had there, I have never had a cookie before.  Everything before that just pales in comparison.  Delish!  As much as I hate shopping, she sure made it a lot of fun.  I can't wait until she gets older and we can have many more shopping trips like that.  But then again, I can wait for her to get older. 

The darn thing is growing too fast!  She got some pants for her birthday that were way too long.  They are now floods.  She got some cute pants for Christmas that were perfect.  Guess what.  They are floods now.  She is just getting too tall for her clothes.  And as sad as it makes me, that she is no longer a baby, I love her opinions, and communication, and everything about her.

As I said, she is sick.  Friday she threw up for the first time.  It really scared her.  I felt bad.  Especially since she continued until she was just vomiting stomach acid.  And then the tears came because it scared her.  Unfortunately I was driving so I couldn't reach back and hold her and make her feel better.

Not sure what she has.  Diarrhea, a fever, and just wants to be cuddled all day, which I am happy to oblige.  But she has not vomited since then, so all is well.  Every day she is getting a little bit better.  I figure in a few days she will be as good as new.

She is learning so many new words, she astounds me.  I was cuddling her in my bed the other night and she said "room."  Very clearly.  She prefers sleeping in her bed over anywhere else.  My kind of a girl.  :)


What a lucky woman I am, to have such an angel in my life.


Myya said…
What a sweetie. I hope that she is feeling better. Nothing worse for a mama then watching her lil one not feeling well.

Your sweet girl is adorable, people really don't gush over her? What the heck is wrong with them!

I love taking my girls shopping, especially one at a time. When they are alone & I get that one on one time they are little angels. So fun! Definitely wish I got to do it more often. Sooo glad you found shoes for her. I've heard Stride Rite are really great for chunky feet. My neice had to wear them when she was younger.
Terra said…
I will take your snow....and a day with that little princess!!!
Susan Anderson said…
She really is a cutie! Especially with food make-up.

Lara Neves said…
I'm glad you found shoes for her. I have one with a high instep, and at 10 years old, it's only getting more difficult. Ugh.

She is adorable!!
Brea Marie said…
She is such a cutie!! I love little girls in overalls. So adorable.
I LOVE the Sweet Tooth Fairy too! Their sugar cookies are so delish. And, oooo their cake bites, yum! I go crazy in that place.
Jenny said…
Awwwww....awwwww...I can't stand so much cuteness.

Have you had your hormones checked? The exhaustion seems to be going on a long time, sweetie.
My almost 7 year old borders on being naked because she grows so fast... I hear ya...

Every baby is darling and beautiful. God just doesn't make them any other way.
Sami said…
She IS precious!
I'm glad you were able to find shoes that fit her!
My "Boo" has weird fat feet too, so most shoes don't fit her either. Nice to know there's hope...
Lisa said…
She is definitely adorable! I love little girls! :)
Noodle said…
What a little cutie!!! My kids love shoes too... Ally can be content with a box of shoes to try on... She walks around in Sammy's shoes all the time... Then dosn't understand why she can't wear them out side... Silly little monkey
I hope Faye gets feeling better really soon, It's so hard when they are sick... Ally just got some shots that she was behind on and I can't get anything done with my grumpy girl... So Let the house wait and just give her all the loves she needs to get back to her healthy happy self =)
Veronica said…
Faye is such a little sweetheart! How could people not gush over her cuteness.

Sorry to hear that she was sick, that first time of throwing up is so hard on a little one, definitely a scary experience and you feel so badly for them but there is nothing you can really do but give them extra snuggles.

I hope she is 100% soon and that you are able to get back to a lot more rest!

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