Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eviction, French Kissing, and The Frizz Monster

Sunday after church we went straight to Jeffrey's parent's house.  I don't remember the exact reasons why.  But we didn't stop home before we went there.

When we did get home, we found a note in our door.  It said:

"Hi.  I am looking to buy or rent a house.  Please call me.  Cindy."

I was dumbfounded.  Why on earth would someone have given us that note?  I called my next door neighbor, and she said that no one had stopped by her house.  She checked the ward directory, and no one with that name/number existed there.

Confused, I called Cindy.  She said that she had been looking at houses in our area, and ours was the only house where she had left a note.  I asked her why, since there are quite a few houses with For Sale signs in the yard, and ours clearly does not have one.

She said it looked like someone (we) had been evicted.  There were all those boxes in the carport and back patio, it looked like it held all of our belongings.  Sometimes when people are evicted the landlord will box up all their things and leave it outside to be picked up.


As odd as that is, I am feeling like a bit of organizing and cleaning is necessary. 


What do you think?

* * * * *
Tonight, as I was getting Keith ready for bed, he decided to be like Mommy.  He adjusted his nightshirt just so, and came running to find me.  "Look, Mommy!  Now I have a skirt, just like you!"

Jeffrey was not amused.  He sent him to bed.  I called him back for his goodnight kiss.  He came running back, wrapped his arms around me and gave me an anaconda squeeze.  When I got my breath back, I tipped his head back to give him a kiss...

... and upon contact, he stuck out his tongue!  
Yup, I got frenched by a three year old.  In a "Skirt."  It was oddly disturbing.

* * * * * 

Emergency GNOs are sometimes the best.  My dear friend Heather needed out today, so she came over to my house and kept me company while I did laundry.  What a sweet friend, right?  And of course, it wouldn't be a GNO with Heather without some Erasure videos.  Geeze, they make me laugh!  And since one thing leads to another we tried to find the best 80's singer hair style/fashion sense.  Which of course led me to pull out my fifth grade school picture.  

I now know how to cheer her up if she is ever having a bad day again.  Good laughs.  I looked great.  :)  The one in the middle with frizz hair and glasses.  Yup, that is me.  Wasn't I rocking the early 90's style?  Aren't you all jealous?  You should be. 
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