Early Morning Bliss

So far this morning there has been bed jumping, squishing in our bed (with us in it), oranges eaten, cookies found and eaten, more squishing, and Gatorade consumed.

Reclining back onto a pillow, Keith let out a huge sigh, smiled and said

"This is the best day ever!"

How is your day going?


Noodle said…
"The best day ever" That makes my heart melt... I love how the simple things make kids so happy sometimes =) Sammy is still in bed and I've been loving on my Ally... Yup its a GREAT DAY =)
Terra said…
YEAH! I have the biggest smile right now!
Susan Anderson said…
They look so cute together in this picture.

CB said…
Fun picture and i think Keith is right - Best day ever - they go by too fast!
Lisa said…
I LOVE those moments!!! It makes motherhood worth it!
Emmy said…
That does sound like the best day
Em said…
that is super super cute.
Myya said…
AWE I love this! I wish I would have had time to read it yesterday, I had a yucky day yesterday & this brought a smile to my face & would have surely cheered me up. Nothing better then snuggle time lazy days with little people :)

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