Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Doctor Doctor, Can't You Hear Me Calling?

"Number 70X84N32 please."

A middle aged woman with frizzy hair and tired eyes would call into the waiting room.

From the back of a sea of chairs and magazines I would get up and follow her, dragging my two children with me.  Down a brightly painted mural of a sea bed and into an African Safari room to wait.

                     and wait

                                               and wait.

Finally, right before the kids tore the place to shreds, or at least my sanity, a white coat would enter the room, stethoscope around his neck.  Never looking at me, he would scan his clipboard, ask a few vague questions, manhandle the sick child, write a prescription and be out of the room before I would even have a chance to register the name on his spiffy white coat.

I hate finding a new doctor.  I have lived the above scene far too many times in my life.  There are so many personality types, of course, but more than anything, I hate feeling like a number.  I hate feeling insignificant and like one of the masses.  I am an individual with individual problems and experiences and ideas.  I deserve to be treated as such!

And so, today, a day filled with doctor visits/meetings was no fun.

I was nervous.  But I shouldn't have been.  The kid's new doctor is wonderful!  She went to med school with my brother, and he highly recommended her.  He said they were good friends, and if he lived in the area he would take his kids to her.  So, I booked an appointment.

The experience was so different from the many others we have had.  There was never a feeling of being one of the masses, or feeling like I was in a factory waiting for parts.  The walls did have murals all over them, but they didn't annoy me... much.  And Faye loved them!

She has a tear duct that doesn't drain, so her eyes are constantly gooping and there is a continuous tear that trickles down her cheek.  We were getting that looked at.

While there, though, I asked a personal medical question.

Some of you may have noticed my incessant complaining about being tired.  All the time.  It is getting to the point where I just want to sleep from about 2:00 on.  It wouldn't be a problem if the kids napped at the same time, but they pretty much boycotted that idea.  So instead, it is a constant going with them.

Normally I wouldn't mind.  But something is just weird here.  Last night talking to Jeffrey, in jest I said it could be one of two things.  Pregnancy or cancer.  He didn't like the prospect of either!  :)  I have a few ideas now of what to do, thanks to the wonderful pediatrician!  First thing she suggested was to take a pregnancy test.

I did.

Guess what?

I am not pregnant.

When I told Jeffrey, he told me that I have never looked so beautiful.  :)

He doesn't want any more kids until he is done with school.

So now, I have an idea as to some vitamins to try, and if that doesn't work, well, I guess I will have to get some lab work done.  I hope the vitamins work though because lab work with no insurance really is not my cup of tea.

I sure hope I can get this exhaustion figured out soon!  It is getting old, fast.


Tisha said...

I am so glad you went and saw Nisha, she is an amazing doctor and person. She ran circles around all the guys in medical school. If we lived closer I would take my kids to her!

Susan Anderson said...

A good pediatrician is a wonderful thing! (I know, because we had one...)

Are you getting enough sleep, Amy? Even young moms need it, and not many get it.

Vitamins are always a good idea for someone who's been putting her body through pregnancies, too. It is depleting.

And it never hurts to get a good check-up, just to rule out any problems, right?


Laura said...

I so agree on the just being a number thing, I always hated that feeling. We now finally have our own peds and ob/gyn and doctors and I actually love being greeted by someone who remembers me!

I hope you are feeling better soon and can figure something out. Being so tired with little kids is SO hard! I laughed when your husband said you never looked so beautiful, sounds like something my husband would say. :)

Emmy said...

Glad you found a good doctor. And yes I hope the vitamins help :(

Lisa said...

Good for you for bringing it up. I actually picked my dr. for the exact reason that he is a family dr. so therefore he sees all of us. I hope you get the fatigue figured out! It's no fun to be so tired when you are a mommy! You'll be in my prayers!

Em said...

good doctors make life better, even without insurance. i don't have any either:) in fact, no one in my family does, but we did apply. we just know i'll be denied. crossing our fingers that the entire family won't be denied b/c of me. shotty insurance companies. it's not like we're real people here needing medical help or anything. i mean, i'm just a number;)

Em said...

p.s. oh how i miss when my kids napped at the same time. now, brennan doesn't even nap. if he sneaks up to his room to suck on his binky he will fall asleep maybe once a week, but it's a love hate relationship b/c i know that he won't want to go sleep at night if he naps. especially when he falls asleep in the car at 6pm like he did tonight! agh.

Familia Morales said...

I'm in the same boat with the exhaustion thing. I hit my wall between 1 and 2 in the afternoon. They've ruled out everything from thyroid to pre-diabetes. Even with a good night's sleep I was still fatigued the next day.

And then I found my fix: time released B-12. It's a tablet that goes right under the tongue and it's got like 16,000% DV. I take a couple a day and they keep me going. Check out a natural health store--they can probably hook you up.

Yay to hear about finding a good pediatrician!

Francisca and Chris said...

Have they checked you for Anemia? You might be lacking red blood cells and are anemic. Make sure the multi-vitamin you take has a little iron in it. I hope you feel better real soon.

Husbands are funny. If Chris found out I was pregnant he would be skipping across the neighborhood in utter joy... and I would be crying for a year!

Andrea said...

So glad you found a good doctor. I hate feeling like a number, and hate it 100 times more when my children are treated like a number. Thankfully we have good doctors--we have to wait awhile to get in but a good doctor is worth the wait.

As for feeling tired, I would have your doctor do a blood test for hypothyroidism. It's actually a pretty common problem, easy and inexpensive to treat, yet it goes undiagnosed in most people that have it. It may not be that, but it's the first thing that comes to mind since I've had it for years. Good luck!

Myya said...

A good pediatrician is defintiely a good thing!

Hope you are able to fix your tiredness with some vitamins. I can totally TOTALLY relate to the no insurance thing & hope that you don't have to go as far as a bunch of tests. Good luck :)

Lourie said...

How are you sleeping at night? Is it solid sleep or do you wake up and go back to sleep? If so, try Melatonin. It was a life saver for me. Hopefully those vitamins will kick in for you. You were sick a long time too. :( Poor thing.