What, Again?

"Crap.  I am pregnant again."

That is what I have been thinking all week long.

I am too tired.  I should not be this tired.  Why am I so tired?

I am too tired to make dinner.  I am too tired to clean the house.  Heck, I am too tired to even shower. 

The only thing in my experience that I could come up with was pregnancy.

But then I learned something.

When the little air sacks in the bronchial tubes become inflamed, it makes it difficult for the body to get enough air.  So the heart has to work twice as hard distributing oxygen throughout your body.  Which makes you unbelievably tired.

And not pregnant.

But with Bronchitis.

At least that is the unofficial diagnosis.

So I have been sitting on the couch all last week.  And weekend.  And today.  And probably for the rest of the week.  Probably for the rest of this blasted sickness.

But the feeling tired and coughing up a lung is not the hard part.  The hard part is leaving my family to fend for themselves.  We have been enjoying pizza for dinner.  Pizza and cold cereal and toast.  Because I am too tired to get up and do anything.

But I do have bouts of energy, so the house does get cleaned somewhat. 

However, the kids don't seem to be minding the lack of schedule.  And at least they are having fun.  That is important.

Oh, and Keith wearing his war paint.  Ready to go out and beautifully fight those monsters!


CB said…
Oh man bronchitis is the worst. I had it once in college and thought I would pass out from coughing.
I hope you feel better soon. The pictures of the kids and the hubby are cute - kids like being able to mess around when mom is out of commision - hee hee. Get lots of rest and let hubby cook and clean - it's good for him :-D
Laura said…
Ugh, really!? Bronchitis sucks...you might as well be pregnant. ;) Hope you feel better soon!

(I love the pizza and cereal thing, I think my husband and kids lived on those two things during my first trimester because I couldn't stand being around food.) :)
Jenny said…
It seems like so many have bronchitis this year! I hope you're on the mend soon!
Em said…
Ha!!! Was totally going to give you a lecture about birth control or getting an iud, lol. I was so tired this morning from talkin at church, then taking myself to the doc, then taking max to the doc, making dinner etc. That I layed around l morning. Meant to turn off the tv but then max took a nap and a shower sounded good so I left it on for Brennan. Then my mom called. Then my stepmom called. You get the idea. 4 hours later, I finally mustered the courage to turn it off. Pretty sure we beat a personal record in tv watching this morning. Someone should give us an award:)
Familia Morales said…
Such cute pictures! Cut yourself some slack, and enjoy the week or more of pizza and cereal and whatever else. The more you rest the sooner you'll get feeling better *hopefully*. Wishing those darn sicknesses to leave you alone!
Darn I wish it was pregnancy b/c you are an AWESOME mommy :)

Bronchitis sucks. Take it easy!!!!
Gina said…
Oh man, I totally hoped you were pregnant. No more teasers!
Lara Neves said…
Man. I'm sorry you're sick! But cute pictures! I don't think we've seen your hubby much! :)
Lisa said…
Poor girl! I'm sorry you're so sick! I hope you get better soon! In the meantime... enjoy your kids! :)
Emmy said…
Eric had that not too long ago and in reality I have probably had it too just never have gone to the dr. I am so sick of coughing and feeling sick. Enough! Be gone.

Love the second to last picture
Hey, I've said that before...! "Crap..."

Wishing you well.
Susan Anderson said…
Are you taking an antibiotic, Amy? Usually bronchitis is hard to get rid off without one.

Lourie said…
The last time I had bronchitis was when my son was just a baby. I was right on the edge of pneumonia. And yes, even doing the dishes I had to stop about every 5 minutes to catch my breath. Don't worry about the house. Just get better. So sorry. :(
Terra said…
Oh man, I am so sorry to hear this, there really is nothing worse than a sick mom, I think it should be impossible for moms to get sick.

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