The Velociraptor Burger

I was excited for today.

Super bowl Day!

You know I love a good reason to celebrate!

But then last night all my plans and preparations sort of became meaningless.

I ate a veggie burger and a raptor crawled into my stomach, and began rearranging my insides.

It was shoving stuff up through my throat, cutting the stomach to pieces, and pounding on my head.  And it did something with my body temperature.  I have been under three blankets, and sweatshirts, and heavy socks and robe and even for a little bit my coat.  Freezing.

I don't like raptors.

And so the goat cheese pizza remains unmade.  The nachos and bean dip are still on the shelf, and the ibc rootbeer... well, that actually disappeared long before today.  Since we rarely buy soda, when it does come into our house, its visit is fleeting.

The table football game is sadly waiting and the wii games are still sitting on the shelf.  See, we don't really care about the actual super bowl.  We just wanted an excuse to celebrate.  Yet I had to cancel with our friends, and curl up to either meet my impending death, or die of boredom.  I hate being sick.

I got a sub for nursery and have spent the day watching re-runs of the Cosby Show, and trying to keep the kids off of me.  I don't want them to get sick.

Though I wonder if it is just food poisoning.  Which means I should be better tomorrow.  Which is good because it means the kids wont catch it.  And things will actually get done.

So, until next year, Superbowl.

But now that that is out of the way, I can now focus on the next big celebration day.  And no, I am not talking about Lover's Day (though that is a fun day to celebrate too.  Just hard when the Hubs is not a romantic).  No, the next big celebratory occasion is national pancake day!
March 11th, Baby!


Anonymous said…
Marking my calendar for pancakes. I don't care about the superbowl either... just the food I can make with a good excuse. In fact, the superbowl is the only reason I am now making time to read blogs. The commercials are so lame. It's all so disappointing. Good thing I have blogs to read!
Jenny said…
I'm so sorry. Those velociraptors are disgustingly mean. Hope it leaves you alone soon!
I take it is still raining :(

I hate vomiting... that is a punishment worse than death. I hope you feel better.

(It is funny though b/c I can never eat hamburgers... all that meat always gets me sick. I guess I never realized that it was b/c of velociraptors in them!)
Terra said…
OH YUCK - Sadly I am hoping it was food poisoning so the rest of the family doesn't suffer - YUCK YUCK YUCK - I am so sorry!
Emmy said…
Oh no, so sorry! Hope whatever it was is done soon! Sounds like it would have been a fun party.
Emmy said…
Oh and the end of the post totally made me laugh
Susan Anderson said…
Oh, dear. This is not good news.


PS. Get well soon, Amy!
Anonymous said…
I did not know there was a Pancake Day! That is something big!!

I am sorry you got sick. I hate the stomach stuff. Ugh. Hoping you are all better!
Lisa said…
You poor girl!! I'm so sorry you are sick! Hope you are over it by now. And sounds like my kind of way to spend a sick Sunday! :)
Lourie said…
Those mean nasty raptors! I hope you are all better. Sorry. :(
Laura said…
Ugh, that does not sound good! I hope it was food poisoning for your sake and you are all better now AND the kids didn't get it. There is nothing worse than a kid throwing up.

And WHAT!? How did I never know there was a pancake day? Can we just celebrate pancake month instead? :)
Lara Neves said…
Well, crap. I hope you feel better very soon!
Veronica said…
Oh no!! Not fun, I hope you are already feeling better.

I don't know if there is an iHop around here, I'll have to look it up.
Sami said…
What is pancake day?!?! I guess I'll click on the thing to see if I can find out, but it it's what I think it is...I'm all over it!

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