Friday, February 4, 2011

Raining and Pouring or Just Sprinkling and Misting. You Decide

As a child, I loved the Morton Salt containers.  Mostly because of the girl dancing in the rain and dumping salt.  I wanted to be her.  With the over sized umbrella and the darling yellow dress.
It made me happy.

And now, whenever something comes in droves I always think of the saying on the bottom of the jar.  "When it rains it pours."

And that about sums up our week.

Wednesday my mother in law was sick so I offered to make dinner for them.  She called us later that night to tell us to not bother since my sister in law was in labor in the hospital.  With her baby that was due in March.

Both the mommy and the baby are doing well now.  My sister in law got to go home today, but baby Max (isn't that a sweet name?) is there on an extended visit.  Things are going well, and I am planning on him being home with them within a week.  We will see what the doctors have to say about that, though.  Since they are really the ones in charge.  But my goodness, what a bundle of cuteness and charm he is!  Can't wait to cuddle him just a little.

Also, Wednesday night my darling Jeffrey got very sick.  Darn 24 hour bug that is going around.  I have to say, I sort of love it when he is sick.  Not that I enjoy him suffering.  I am not a sadist.  I just love having him around, and needing me.  I love being able to take care of him and help him feel better.  I guess I just like being needed.  Though, the man flu is 10 times worse than a Man Cold.  Happily, he is feeling much better now.

And, well, that is basically it.  So I guess it isn't really pouring, but it sure felt like everything happened at once.

I will be happy to have a weekend.  Hopefully we can just relax.  Jeffrey will be going in to work since he missed some time for being sick.  But the kids and I can have fun without a car, so no worries there.

And just because I didn't have a picture to post before, this is the very first freezer paper stencil shirt I made, and I am sort of in love with it.  Though of course with the Silhouette it will be so much easier to cut out now, since that one was cut out by hand.  Headache!   But I love it.  And our friend (and model) Shem was very excited to get it for his birthday, so it is all good.
Everyone was happy (and Jeffrey slightly jealous).  And if you don't get it, you are not a Doctor Who fan.

P.S.  Sorry for cutting your head out of the photo Shem!  When I flipped the photo right side up it happened.  Oops!


Terra said...

I thought that was the Dr. Who thingy but I am not a fan so I wasn't sure and can't remember what it is called! Stay healthy and have a good weekend!

Francisca and Chris said...

I love "Singing in the Rain" When I was little I would take the umbrellas outside and dance... my mother obviously was not worried about lightning. The old adage about life is too true though.

I hope your SIL's baby has a non-eventful stay at the NICU and Jeffery feels better soon!

Hey how much does it cost to make a t-shirt? Let me know? Team Cupcakes for March of Dimes might be interested in hiring you ;)

Susan Anderson said...

Great creation!


PS. Hope no one else gets sick...

Emmy said...

Hope baby Max keeps doing well and can come home soon.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH!!! I need that shirt for my husband!!!!! Even my teenage daughter said, "That is awesome!"

Lourie said...

Prayers for sweet baby Max.

I am kind of a heartless person when husband is sick. He is a big baby. hahaha. I like it better when it is me(not at all asking to be sick here!) but he takes over and runs the show.

Anonymous said...

That shirt is really cool! (and I didn't even get the reference) Sounds like the possibilities with the silhouette are endless