Friday, February 11, 2011

All About Faye

See this girl?
She woke up covered in stink.

I walked into her room this morning and almost fell over.

So I whipped her clothes off and plopped her into the tub.

And Keith can't see a bath without stripping down and joining his sister, so before breakfast was started I had two little ones playing in the tub.

As usual, I got Faye out, lotioned her up, got her dressed, and sent her to play while I did the same for Keith.

When we came out of the boy's room, this is what we found:

Faye had found a bowl of bean dip and was going to town as if to say "I don't need you Mom, I can fend for myself."

Yeah, that is how the day started.

I laughed.

Then decided that today was going to be a fun chill day.

After breakfast was eaten, it was time for Jeffrey to go to work.  He wanted the car, but I couldn't stand the thought of another day cooped up indoors.  I needed to get out and play and relax.  So, the amazing guy that he is, decided at the last minute that I could drive him to work and have some freedom today.  After a quick hug and snog to show my appreciation, we wrapped the kids into their car seats and set out for the day.
First stop, after dropping him off at work was Shopko.  They have their winter coats on sale for 80% off. I got both kids some coats for next year.  Actually, I bought them both a size too big so that they would last a few years.  I was very pleased with the price.

Then we went to my mother's.  She lives around the corner from Shopko, so it was only logical that we stop there next.  Besides, she has good food.  We visited over steaming bowls of spinach tortellini soup and then I ran a few errands.  When I came back, my mother was concerned with Faye's eye.

We decided a while ago that she probably has closed tear ducts.  Something my older sister had.  Faye constantly has a tear running down her face.  Both acutally, but the one is much worse than the other.  I brushed my mother's worry off since I can't really do anything about it right now.  I figured I would take her to see the doctor once all my insurance info is worked out.

And then the little girl came running to find me.  Her hands were holding out her stuffed cow, and she had a huge grin on her face, and a red and swollen eye.  I looked closely and saw lots of white blood cells (aka puss but white blood cells sounds so much nicer) gathering in her eye.

With a sigh, I gathered up the kids, loaded them into the car, and went home to find the papers.  I put the kids down for naps and began the long search...


Which resulted in this mess:

And changed my file cabinet from this:

Top drawer
Bottom drawer
into this:

Top Drawer
Bottom Drawer.  Note the emptiness.


At long last, I got all the paper work together, but the insurance office was already closed.  We picked Jeffrey up from work, came home and put the kids to bed.

Faye was unhappy the whole day.

Which resulted in a headache for me.

Thankfully, she will be going in to see the doctor tomorrow.  I am very excited to see him as he is not an MD but an OD.  Also, he is a family doctor, not a specialist.  Very excited about that.  But seeing a doctor with no insurance is not a fun prospect.  I am hoping he will have samples on hand if she needs medication because meds scare me.  They are pricey.


So much for a fun chill day.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

P.S.  If this post is slightly incoherent it is because my brain turned off about eight hours ago. It is very late.  I am exhausted.   Corrections and edits may happen tomorrow when the brain decides to come back to work.  Stay tuned.


Susan Anderson said...

Hope that eye gets well soon!


Noodle said...

Ally had a really gross goopy eye... It never turned red like pink eye but it sure had a ton of booogers in it... It crusted over a few times (every time she naped or sleept).. After two days of this I told Johnny to give her a blessing and then tomarrow I would take her in... In the morning it was 95% better!!! So we ended up never taking her in... I've been amazied that over the last (almost) year I havn't had to take my kids to the doctors... But I have had Johnny give the kids more blessings...Holy cow the power of the pristhood is Amazing!!!

Heather said...

Eeks! Going to the doctor with no insurance stinks- been there, done that. Hope you get out of there with help for Faye and money in your back account! :0) Good luck! And nice work on the filing cabinet- isn't it great getting something organized that has been nagging at you!? :0)

Terra said...

I stuck with it! The post was actually great and I will be sending out prayers for little Faye! Sometimes it is just a matter of time and I will hope for that!

Regardless the love in your family will withstand everything thrown her way!

Francisca and Chris said...

Little girls are so cute and look so innocent BUT they are trouble w/a capital T! We lock everything up but I still have an incident like your filing cabinet one every week :p

I hope her eye is no big deal. How did the appt go? What is an OD?

Anonymous said...

Worst chill day. Ever. Hope she feels better soon!

Emmy said...

So sorry about her eye :( not fun at all. And great job on the drawer! Jobs like that are never fun

Em said...

Yay for eye and ear infections!!! So glad when they have something that can be cured by antibiotics. On the other hand, it doesn't sound like it is going to be a one time thing. We will be losing our health insurance in two weeks. Sucks!!!

Sami said...

My niece had that problem! The good news is, that it seems like a fairly common problem, which means it should be a pretty easy fix once they get in there.
Frustrating though, for sure!
I hope she gets feeling better really soon!

Lourie said...

Oh poor Faye! I feel so bad for her. And I am sure you are just aching for her. Us mom's do. I hope she is feeling better. You too!

ANd yes, the drawer looks awesome!!