My Foot Warmer

This is Duchess.

Though she also goes by Millie (Keith's name choice for her).

She belongs to Gary, but don't tell Faye.

Duchess/Millie likes to sleep on the foot of my bed.

Right. where. my. legs. go.

But when it is cold at night, I don't really mind.  In fact when it is so very cold, I delight in my personal foot warmer.

The joys of having a lazy cat.


Emmy said…
Duchess was the name of my dog growing up :)
My girls just asked for a cat. Two of us are allergic so the answer would But a foot warmer would almost be worth the itchy eyes.
alpinekleins said…
I have a couple matching foot warmers (and tummy warmers, bed warmers :) myself. Such a cutie!

Terra said…
very cute! My girls would love to have a cat. we are super crazy allergic though.
We too have a cat..well 3 actually all outdoors (I am unfortunately allergic) but one cat has 2 names, like yours, and she answers to both.
Susan Anderson said…
No pets here. I'm too allergic. All I've ever had is outside cats.


PS. I do like the idea of a foot warmer!
Anonymous said…
So true. I don't have a cat, but little Olive has been serving as a good body-warmer these cold days of the year. Even so, I'm ready for Spring.
When I see moments like that I wish I was the cat!
Em said…
I miss my cat! She was the BEST foot warmer:)
Sami said…
I was just thinking the same thing today when my youngest fell asleep on my bed.
More accurately, right on my feet.
I wasn't wearing socks, so I sure appreciated the warmth...

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