Mr. Moonlight

Last week it was somewhat warm outside. 

It was pure delight.

I was picking the kids up from their grandparents house.  I buckle Faye in her chair first.  Every time.  As I was doing that, Keith stood next to the car gazing at the sky.  I overheard this conversation:

"Mr Moon?  You are so shiny and bright.  Let me fly away with you.  We can fly up in the sky together and go around the stars and maybe play with a ball.  Just lift me up so we can play."

Be still my beating heart!


Lisa said…
What a sweet boy! I love listening to little kids talk! Tonight as we were driving home my 3 year old said 'Mom, what's the star song? Look! There are MILLIONS of stars out there! I'm gonna have to sing it MILLIONS of times!' So we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the whole 15 minute drive home!
Emmy said…
Aw that is cute!
Susan Anderson said…
That Keith!

He is a wonder.

Lourie said…
That is the sweetest thing ever! Thank you for sharing that. :)
Terra said…
Oh so sweet. I took a similar shot of the moon last week, but I was alone no sweet child by myside to make the moment even better.
I love the moon! I really do. Problem is that our current home borders the BLM land and the Organ Mountains. Where giant packs of Coyotes run. Full moons mean Coyote party time and it is so hard and scary to sleep!

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