Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moving Around

Growing up I had every room in the house except the master bedroom, of course.

I had every room in the house several times.

When it was rainy, I would talk to a sibling and we would switch rooms.  When we got bored with our rooms, we would switch.  When we got old enough, we graduated to a much coveted basement room.  And then switched around down there.  There were seven kids and five available bedrooms.  Sharing was also a necessary part of life for everyone.  Until the oldest two moved out. 

And yet, we kept switching bedrooms.

That habit seems to have stuck with me.  When I turned 18, I moved every 3-6 months.  I don't like to stay in one place.  I like moving around, and having a new perspective.

Which would make it logical that I keep up my habits as a mother.

Spurred on by Keith.

Every day for quite a few months, Keith brought up the topic.

"Mom, can Faye sleep in my room?  Can I share a room with her?  Please?"

Silly boy.  He didn't know what he was getting himself into.

And so, today, the day was spent moving things around.  I took apart the crib, moved it into Keith's room, and my father came by and helped me put it together again.  Toys, books, all cleaned out.  Keith's room is currently a huge mess.

The computer and reading chair were moved into Faye's previous room.  I now have a dining area.  I am so excited about that!  We also have a library/study area.  We are thrilled about that as well.  And putting away toys will be so much easier now.  Same for clothes. 

The only problem is my children's resistance to change.  Faye hates change.  She slept through the night every night from the day she was born until the day we moved in with Jeffrey's parents.  We had just gotten her to sleep the night through again when we moved.  She finally started sleeping the night through again about a month (maybe two) before she turned one.  And now, bedtime is a nightmare.  Whether it is for naps, or the night, there is quite an ordeal.  She lets me know that she is not happy.  And she wakes up in the night.  Normally I would let her scream, but now that Keith is in the same room, I have to jump up and respond so it doesn't wake him up. 

We figured it would be better to let them get used to each other, used to sharing a room before we move again, because they will be sharing a room then.  The less trauma the better.

Tomorrow we will be cleaning and fixing their room.  Pictures will come when it is all put together.

What is it with me and making big projects for myself?  Sheesh!

And I have a nasty cold.  The sore throat that hurts to swallow and a yucky baby cough.  I am praying that Faye will sleep the night through so I can have a good nights sleep and get over this thing.  Faye is doing much better.  She actually likes her eye drops which I find very weird.  But it makes my life a whole lot easier so I am glad.  Bit goodness, if it isn't one person sick in this family, it is another.  I cannot wait until we are revisited by health.  And at least I can count my blessings that no one has really had the flu.  Knock on wood.
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