Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today was a crummy day.

What with having a head stuffed with cotton, a voice that sounded like Mickey Mouse, and being hit by a train or something during the night, I just didn't feel like doing anything.

The majority of the day was spent sitting on the couch reading and eating nutella and chocolate truffles.  Because I deserved it.  I felt awful and I just wanted to escape from life for a moment or until I could feel better.

Never a good idea when you have small children.  The poor things were left to fend for themselves.  For lunch Keith found the leftover oatmeal from breakfast, dumped the whole carton of milk into the pan and went to town.  Later, Faye found what he didn't eat and made a mess feeding herself.  Twice. 

The house started out clean this morning, but by mid afternoon it was a wreck.  A complete and utter disaster.

And the whole time I sat.  Eating, and feeling sorry for my sick self.  Justifying my actions because I don't feel well.

In my cloud of self pity, I was helping my niece with her awesome blog and checked mine as a reference.

And that is when my day turned around.  I saw I had a new follower!  Someone I didn't know.  Because I like to meet the people who take time out of their lives to read my ramblings, I clicked on the picture and went to her blog.  That is when everything changed.

She has me listed as her Inspiration.  Me!  Right next to Nie Nie.  I couldn't believe it.  I am so flattered.  I don't think I have ever been anyone's inspiration before.  Really.  And right then, my attitude changed.

So what if I am sick.  The house is a mess.

So what if I am sick.  The kids are running around naked (failed bath attempt).

So what if I am sick, I look like a wreck and Jeffrey will be home any minute.

So what if I am sick, I am somebody's inspiration, and I had better start deserving to be.

Not by sitting and feeling sorry for myself, but by living up to the person I know I can be.

I mustered my courage and energy and got working.  It didn't take much to rally the children's spirits, and soon, their bedroom was clean.  The hallway was clean, the living room was clean and the bathroom was clean.  I didn't dare attack the kitchen since they were so hungry and tired (no naps today).  I knew Jeffrey was bringing dinner home, so we went into the newly cleaned living room and plopped down on the couch and each other's laps.  We waited for him in the soft blue glow of the television because as awesome as I would have been to read to them, my voice couldn't handle it.

Jeffrey walked in the door moments later with burgers for the family, and a sundae for me.  Because that is his way of slaying the dragons and bringing the head back to the king.  Because he is marvelous and loves us.

So a day that could have been a complete waste ended up very nice.

All because of the beautiful Kaley for making my day, turning it around and helping me focus on more important things than my sick self.  Kaley, you are my hero.  Thank you.


Heidi said...

I like it when you talk about me in your posts!!! :]

I'm glad your day turned out great! And I can't wait to play this weekend, and for you to continue helping me with my blog. :] Give the chickidees hugs from me!

Terra said...

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is "pick yourself and get going again" I struggle with this often, especially if I am home alone and it is amazing what the power of a friend can do for these moods!

Sami said...

I love when that happens! Just as you are in "the depths of despair" there is always SOMETHING there to turn it all around.
I'm glad you found yours!

Darlene said...

I am so sorry that your cold got worse. It just seems like when they get started they just have to run their course.

Let me tell you though that both you and NieNie inspire me. I'll bet you are a lot of peoples inspirtation.

Just hope the worse part of your cold is over and that each day shows some improvement.

Love you. love your blog.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, I'm glad you liked my "adding" you so much! This post just made MY day! I've been reading your blog for awhile by getting to it through my sister's (Tawni Groneman) blog, and I finally decided to stick it on my blog to make it easier to get to! Your blog and NieNie's blog are my must-reads before I start my day. :)

Gail said...

Get better soon - glad that you got an extra boost to lift up your spirits!

Lourie said...

Oh Amy, so sorry you have been sick. But what a wonderful gift!

Francisca and Chris said...

You are too cute... when I am sick I glory in my messy home :) It is when I'm well and happy that I feel bad that it is still messy :p

Lisa said...

OK.... so I feel like a total jerk! Here you are, putting wonderful comments on posts on BOTH of my blogs, and yet for some reason I have missed your blog!!!! Don't worry - the situation has been rectified! And I will begin my comment stalking immediately. :) You are a wonderful woman and I already feel a kinship to you! Thank you for all your comment love... and I promise to retaliate! :)

Heidi said...

hey howdy hey! just thought i'd say i love you! :]

Emmy said...

Yes, you so often inspire me too! And this post is what makes you realize how blogging is so awesome and can be totally worth it.